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May 13, 2014 12:07 PM

Please help with my Provence questions...

My husband and I are making our first visit to the area next month, so it's down to the wire with planning. I've reviewed most of the threads, so I have some ideas of recommended places. However, I have not found any reviews of the restaurants at our hotels. I was hoping to get some first hand information in case we decide we are too tired from the day's activities to go out again. We will be staying in 3 different places. Chateau des Alpilles in Saint- Remy-de-Provence, Les Bories in Gordes and Hostellerie de levernois outside Beaune (casual and formal restaurants).

I also am thinking about a lunch and tasting tour at Olivier Leflaive in Puligny-Montrachet. I've seen this suggested, but I've never seen a review of the food.

Thanks for any suggestions. And please let me know if the food is just mediocre. With such a bounty of restaurants and cheese, I don't want to waste a meal eating mediocre food!!!

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  1. Topeater, you may want to start a different post, with the word Burgundy (rather than Provence) in the title (or edit this one if time remains) to get answers to your questions about the area around Beane and Puligny-Montrachet.

    I did in fact provide some information about 2 years ago about a trip we did in 2008 that included an overnight visit to the Olivier-LeFlaive winery, linked here:

    The food served at lunch at OLF is rustic and not particularly memorable, but we enjoyed the experience -- in terms of the tour of the vineyards and cellar, as well as the lunch wine tasting. For much better food in Puligny-Montrachet, go to the Montrachet restaurant. One of the best meals that we had on that trip.

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      Thanks Masha for the advice. I'll also check out your review. I didn't go back as far as 2008 since things change.

      1. re: topeater

        More recent posts on the France Board suggest that the food at Le Montrachet is still excellent.

        1. re: masha

          Yes, I've read several recommendations for Le Montrachet. I'm not asking for restaurant recommendations for the area as I'm overwhelmed with all the information I have. I was asking if anyone has recently tried the restaurants at Hostellerie de levernois? Le Montrachet is at Hotel Le Montrachet.

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            I think Masha is trying to help you as Le Montrachet is bang next door to OLF so if you "....don't want to waste a meal eating mediocre food!!!" you just do the tour/wine tasting and pop next door for lunch.

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                Oh, now I get it! Thanks for the geography lesson!

        2. re: topeater

          Note that there is a 2012 review of OLF by a different poster, "Sue Style," on the same thread that I linked above. You can read the entirety of what she said but the gist of her review was that her experience in 2012 at OLF was similar to mine in 2008.

          1. re: masha

            Thanks Masha. Good reports. I have OLF scheduled, but I'm hoping the chicken is better….not into dry chicken in a cold "pink" sauce, but the cheese cart sounded yummy. Do you know if I need to make a reservations for Le Montrachet? We will be there on a Monday or Tuesday. The website is lacking information.

            1. re: topeater

              I've been in the wine business for a long time, and have never heard Olivier Leflaive referred to as "OLF." Where did that come from?

              1. re: ChefJune

                Sorry, CJ, it's my abbreviation. I get lazy typing out long names on CH and tend to use short-hand references, typically initials, when posting on CH. I did not mean to suggest that it had any currency elsewhere.

                1. re: masha

                  In that case, masha, it should be just "OL." Leflaive is all one word with no spaces.