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Kate Mantilini Calls It Quits in Beverly Hills on June 14

Kind of sad. Another one bites the dust…Longtime regulars will have just over a month to say their goodbyes and last tastes of refined deli classics, from the chicken pot pie to the fish and chips.

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  1. buh bye, kate matilini.
    hopefully whatever goes in there will be appealing enough so that i can grab a meal before or after a movie at the Music Hall.
    kate was not that to me.

    1. I was only there once, when I produced a piece for the Food Network maybe fifteen years ago. I thought the food was great but I take it things went rapidly downhill.

      Not much love for Kate Mantilini on this board.

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      1. re: JeMange

        lots of love from deadline.com readers tho

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          I went there once, also probably around 15 yrs ago. Can't recall what I had exactly, but I remember being annoyed that they gave one table bread sticks but didn't do so for our table (and took forever to bring out the food). I also recall their "special sauce" tasting a lot like McD's BBQ sauce for chicken nuggets.

          Thought the space was very pretty but was not at all tempted to go back (not that I had out in that direction much, anyway).

          1. re: JeMange

            Ummm..... "rapidly down hill"? They were open for 27 years and your visit was "15 years ago". What's rapid about any of that?

            I've never been there but was a regular guest at their Hamburger Hamlets back when they owned them. The Lewises were pretty good at the restaurant biz.

          2. I actually never ate there….

            1. We probably went there 6 to maybe 10 times over the years. The food could be very good at times. They had a weird menu in that some items came with sides and then other main course items came with nothing else. Really liked the space and the service (especially the one waiter who reminded me of Kurt Vonnegut). Sorry to see them go. If I want my fix it's a long way out to the Hills of Woodland...

              1. The only thing I got there was the Chatham Sandwich or 1/2 a Chatham Sandwich and cup of split pea soup. All good. Now I have to find another source for the sandwich.

                1. I'll miss the fish and chips…

                  In my opinion some of the best in LA with great, great home delivery for those of us in the hood. Good, consistent service for familiar faces. Sadly, so many places like this are leaving or gone in LA.

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                    not in your neighborhood, but i'd like to recommend the fish and chips at THE LOBSTERin santa monica.

                    (don't go on the weekends when the tour busses take over the street)

                    1. re: westsidegal

                      Thanks, westsidegal.

                      I've heard about the great fish & chips offered at The Lobster. I've been on a quest for a long time to find the ultimate in one of my favorite foods.
                      If you say they're good then I trust they're good.
                      As far as tour busses go…ugh.

                  2. So sad that the Lewis legacy of over 60 years is just about gone.

                    1. I figured Kate's was on it's way out when I spotted a Groupon deal a while ago. Good in it's day; it was well past its prime.

                      1. I will always remember Kate Mantilini from the Michael Mann movie "Heat".

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                          If only kevin was still around, I'd be dying to know his reply to your post ...

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            Those scenes were beyond f*cking exceptional. Catch kevin in person at the upcoming Clusi Batusi Chowmeet! He is our VIP guest!

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                              Where did Kevin go?

                              Loved Kate Mantelini in the 80s, was a go-to spot after movies. Great meatloaf.

                              1. re: yogachik

                                Both of their meatloafs were quite nice but we tended to get their grilled over an open fire version that they called "Hobo Steak".

                          2. Harry and Marilyn Lewis were visionaries. Their Hamburger Hamlet on San Vicente in the early 1960's employed African Americans as servers. I grew up in Brentwood and had never seen a person of color serving in a restaurant prior to HH. Offered a wide variety of burgers, soups and those omelets, which when flipped over, dazzled little kids. It was sad to see those restaurants close; one after another. I hoped that Kate's would endure as it did have the Lewis' imprimatur. Will not be forgotten in my family.

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                              I feel exactly the same except the Sherman Oaks location was my Hamlet.

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                                Marilyn was a sweetheart when I interviewed her for the Food Network piece.

                              2. First the Hamlets started closing and now this. But, the last time I went there, it just wasn't the same...

                                1. IIRC, the Mantilini space had previously housed an upscale Northern Italian from Milan (?) which was related to the more casual Cafe Med, Can't recall the name though.

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                                  1. re: mc michael

                                    I thought it went right from being a bank to Kate Mantilini? At least that's what I recall.

                                      1. re: Servorg

                                        Thanks. Must have confused with another nearby spot.

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                                          We went maybe a week after it opened. The space was really striking for that time (and maybe even this time) and we really liked the energy of the room and that long counter facing the kitchen was great too. That huge mural of Tommy Hearns (IIRC) against the east wall was something to see.

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                                          The article mentions the building to be a former Wells Fargo Bank, yet I always remember it as a former Gibraltar Savings & Loan, a company seized by the government which had its headquarters immediately west of this corner. But the operating branch was on the corner.
                                          WFB may have been the company that acquired the assets, but even that does not seem to be my recollection

                                          1. re: carter

                                            Gibraltar Savings was, indeed on that corner for years. Wikipedia gives the address as 9111 Wilshire (probably because the building was set back a way off Doheny). The Wiki says Gibraltar was acquired by Security Pacific which later merged with B of A. I found no reference to Wells Fargo.

                                            1. re: Midlife

                                              I recall it being a B of A right before Kate moved in.

                                              1. re: Servorg

                                                it might just become a B of A once again.