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May 13, 2014 11:57 AM

Kate Mantilini Calls It Quits in Beverly Hills on June 14

Kind of sad. Another one bites the dust…Longtime regulars will have just over a month to say their goodbyes and last tastes of refined deli classics, from the chicken pot pie to the fish and chips.

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  1. buh bye, kate matilini.
    hopefully whatever goes in there will be appealing enough so that i can grab a meal before or after a movie at the Music Hall.
    kate was not that to me.

    1. I was only there once, when I produced a piece for the Food Network maybe fifteen years ago. I thought the food was great but I take it things went rapidly downhill.

      Not much love for Kate Mantilini on this board.

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        lots of love from readers tho

        1. re: JeMange

          I went there once, also probably around 15 yrs ago. Can't recall what I had exactly, but I remember being annoyed that they gave one table bread sticks but didn't do so for our table (and took forever to bring out the food). I also recall their "special sauce" tasting a lot like McD's BBQ sauce for chicken nuggets.

          Thought the space was very pretty but was not at all tempted to go back (not that I had out in that direction much, anyway).

          1. re: JeMange

            Ummm..... "rapidly down hill"? They were open for 27 years and your visit was "15 years ago". What's rapid about any of that?

            I've never been there but was a regular guest at their Hamburger Hamlets back when they owned them. The Lewises were pretty good at the restaurant biz.

          2. I actually never ate there….

            1. We probably went there 6 to maybe 10 times over the years. The food could be very good at times. They had a weird menu in that some items came with sides and then other main course items came with nothing else. Really liked the space and the service (especially the one waiter who reminded me of Kurt Vonnegut). Sorry to see them go. If I want my fix it's a long way out to the Hills of Woodland...

              1. The only thing I got there was the Chatham Sandwich or 1/2 a Chatham Sandwich and cup of split pea soup. All good. Now I have to find another source for the sandwich.