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May 13, 2014 11:03 AM

Porto's best francesinha

Just recently went to Bufete Fase because one of my friends who lives there told me that's where I would find the best francesinha. It was to die for. Very long line so if you don't mind the wait you definitely have to try this place. I have tried a few other places but this one was my favorite. I am recommending it to everyone. I've heard that Santa Catarina has a few good places. Maybe I will try in that area next time.

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  1. Dying for a Francesinha: only if you choke on it :o) It's a taste I have never acquired. For me the best dish in Porto is the Tripas!

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      1. re: gachar

        I have not been but Casa Correia is considered the best; Tripas are served on Thursdays! Might be wise to book...

    1. For CHs who've never seen one, this is what a "Francesinha" looks like. This is an upmarket version at the bar of the Porto Sheraton. Bread, sausage, ham, meat, egg on top, swimming in a beer sauce and served with French fries to dip in the sauce... It does feed you, but as I said in an earlier post, it is definitely an acquired taste.

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        A really fancy francesinha.

        I tried it 3 times and decided it's not for me.

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          Not for me either, but I keep trying because all my friends from Porto swear it's the best food in the world... That's why I tried the fancy one this time, full of hope!