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May 13, 2014 09:37 AM

Dessert for a friendly "throwdown" at work... suggestions?

we do lots of food competitions in my office... and I'm kind of a competitive person... any suggestions for a dessert with a 'wow-factor' that is delicious and will crown me dessert queen for a day?
(I was thinking Mocha Eclairs, but I don't know that they will hold up till Noon, we don't have much refrigerator room)
Nobody ever thinks to do frozen treats, so the freezer will be free... I had considered something like a peach & champagne sorbet, but since it's in the office, I'm guessing that boozy desserts are off the table

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions!

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  1. Paris-Brest done eclair style. A layer of chocolate ganache on the bottom, sliced strawberries, freshly whipped cream. Cover with top half and sprinkle with confectioners sugar. Strewn whole strawberries here, and there on the serving platter.

    1. Ice cream bon bons:

      If you hadn't mentioned the limited fridge space, I'd have suggested an icebox cake, which I'm making for my birthday next month:

      1. A Dessert that must contain fruit.

        Mini Pies


        Puff Pastries

        Creative ice cream flavors

        1. Chocolate mousse with raspberries (perhaps in little shot glasses). Or a white chocolate cheesecake decorated with raspberries.

          1. How many servings do you need? And are you looking for taste over presentation or the other way around?

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              about 20 - 25 servings (but not full servings, since there will be multiple participants)

              Ideally BOTH (ha ha ha) but really I'd take something that tastes phenomenal over something that looks pretty but tastes 'just okay'

              1. re: cgarner

                Would you prefer to make one large thing (cake, torte, etc.) that needs to be cut and served, or something in an individual size? How are your piping/decorating skills?