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May 13, 2014 08:22 AM

Cooking whole chicken in hot weather

I don't want to break it down but it's going to be 90+ degrees today. Any ideas of cooking it w/out getting hotter? I might just poach it in the crock pot but then need to so something w/ the meat. Thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. do you own a grill? Beer can that sucker.

    poached in crock is great for chicken salads - good hot weather food

    or to make a curry with pre-made paste like maeploy or maesri

    Its hard to transition to warm weather cooking!

    1. In a parallel situation I once put a frozen turkey breast in the crock pot---I didn't want to heat up the kitchen--- and it worked so well that this became my standard practice. I would unwrap it and leave it frozen, put in in a bare crock pot, turn it on low, and go to bed. Next AM, ignore it and go to work. When I got home around 5 it was nicely done and slightly brown. So I should think you could modify this for a chicken.

      1. bbq for sure or its going to be that hot anyway you probably won't notice your oven on.

        1. Agree with JTPhilly, Grill it using a can of beer.

          1. Beer can chicken might be it. We have the stand up roaster, too. Even better, I'll have my husband do it.;-)