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Locale in Closter

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A group of 8 mothers had a great time eating in Locale's outdoor space.
The food was honestly really good especially for the price. There were tons of seafood in my pasta with real lumps of crab. All the fish(trout, swordfish and bronzino) were cooked nicely in old fashioned way with lots of butter and lemon and caper. Grilled octopus was one of the best I've tasted and very generous portion too. Eggplant stuffed with cheese was tasty. The desserts too were all delicious. key lime tart was excellent and so were the creme brulee and mango panacotta.

The only thing that bothered me slightly was their waiters. One was plain idiot who had a hard time getting our order where we had to repeat our order at least 3-4 times to get it right. Another was plain rude and irritated when we asked for things like another plate of spreads for bread as they only brought one for the entire group and when we complained that the ice coffee was too hot and too watery.

Despite some of these minor problems, we really enjoyed the time and the food and I plan to go back very soon.

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  1. Great post...thanks for sharing.

    1. I usually dine at Local for business lunches. The menu is small but the food is really good. I have gotten a rude waiter before. He has this snobbiness about him that makes it seem like he is the customer and I am there working for him.

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        have heard that the food is very good, but the atmosphere / staff comes off snobby. pass.

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          Isn't that so sad? This is a classic example of why the restaurant fail. It seems so obvious but either the owner doesn't see it or don't care or don't know..should take lessons from Mr Danny Meyer.