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May 13, 2014 06:30 AM

Graduation Lunch Center City Area

Any thoughts on a good spot for 10-12 people to sit between 1-3pm ? Most of the places I'd like to go to don't serve a lunch. Looking to avoid the chain-type places and tourist traps. It would be on a Friday...

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  1. Amada has big tables and a festive air.

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      Just a brief comment on Amada. It had been one of our favorites as we always enjoyed their interesting and tasty selections of small plates. Last week at lunch everything ordered with the exception of the salad verde and the desert was not good. They offered a very limited menu for lunch that day, indicating that they are significantly scaled down for weekday lunches. Even the special cocktail was impossibly tasteless. We have loved dinners there and will return for their small plate offerings again some evening. Interestingly with few wait staff on hand the service was excellent.

    2. Book early (you already may be late... ). Oyster House on Sansom could accommodate.

        1. Lacroix is an option.