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May 12, 2014 07:38 PM

Bellingham: Nok's Thai Cuisine

Tried Nok's for the first time this weekend. It is in the former Supons (and many other iterations of Thai restos) on Dupont, across from the BSD offices.

We were pleasantly surprised!

Crispy Tofu appetizer: Was still crispy even after driving home with it in a take-out box. Didn't care much for the peanut dipping sauce, but the sweet chili sauce was tasty (as per usual).

Kee Mao: Lots of nice big rice noodles and fresh veggies.

Yellow Curry: Loaded with veggies, sauce was pretty and had nice subtle flavors. We'll order more than two stars next time--wasn't spicy enough for us.

The portions were very generous, so let's hope it stays that way after they get through the initial honeymoon we-want-to-impress-you stage. We'll go back.

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  1. Thanks! We'll have to give it a try.

    1. Funny, we drove by Dupont and noticed The Poor Siamese now gone, replaced by a new resto (?) but I didn't get a look to see its name.

      Changing of the guards, I s'ppose.

      1. Great! Thanks for the write up. Sounds like I need to put it on my list! I cook a lot of Thai food at home so I don't go out for it much around town.

        I did, recently, take my office out to lunch at Busara's (last week) at their request. I had not been there for years and was not impressed then. It was fine, mostly tasty but not great. One woman ordered pot stickers and they were too gummy to! The main dish soups and salads were very good, though. I ordered a spicy dish and asked for 4 spice! Really, I didn't detect any chili. I am not one to need all Thai food to be spicy, but when it is "supposed" to have chili is supposed to have it! Dagnabit!

        Sounds like this place might do better!

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        1. re: sedimental

          We used to go to Busara's if we're stopping by Haggen or REI and needed to eat. I recall a few good meals there, but that would have been at least 4-5 years ago. Maybe they've had changes in the kitchen staff ?

        2. How does it compare to On Rice, which is our old standby for Thai?

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          1. re: sasha1

            We tend to get different things at different Thai restaurants. For instance we really love the basil fried rice at On Rice, and they are the only place in town that has a tofu satay and it is quite yummy. At others we really like their pad thai or pad see ew. We go to Asia 1 because they offer so many gluten free options for my daughter.

            For these reasons, I can' really compare one to another. Maybe just give it a try. The only thing I can say is if the side sauce we got with our appetizer is their peanut sauce, we weren't fans of that.

            1. re: laurachow

              Basil fried rice at On Rice is one of our staples too! Ok - will give Nok a try. It's very close to the kids' karate studio.