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May 12, 2014 07:04 PM

Where to buy shrimp in NYC?

Where to buy inexpensive shrimp in new york city?

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    1. I will only buy wild shrimp, and there are a few sellers that sell frozen wild shrimp in Chinatown. One, I believe, is AquaBest, on Grand St.

      Otherwise, Whole Foods has high quality wild shrimp frozen.

      Not too expensive, but you get what you pay for.

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      1. re: mitchleeny

        I have purchased shrimp and scallops at both Whole Foods and Eataly. The shrimp and scallops at Eataly were slightly cheaper and much better.

        1. re: mitchleeny

          Unfortunately, a whole lot of seafood is mislabeled. A recent DNA study by Oceana found that 43% of shrimp samples being sold in NYC were mislabeled. If you're "wild" shrimp are suspiciously bland and mushy, maybe they're not really wild.


        2. Citarella has the best shrimp (large is $13.99pp). I bought shrimp yesterday from Lobster Place in Chelsea Market ($13.50pp) and, sadly, they didn't taste or look very fresh---some of the shrimp's shells were too easy to remove. I read somewhere that the harder it is to remove the shell, the fresher it is. I'm surprised that Lobster Place out of all places would sell sub-par shrimp

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          1. re: nycguy20011

            Any shrimp that are not USA wild basically suck. They suck to eat, they suck for the environment, and they suck for the people forced to grow and harvest them.

            Once shrimp are defrosted, their shelf life is measured in hours, not days. It's the reason I buy frozen USA wild, in 1, 2 or 4 lb. packages. You can take out what you need, defrost it properly, and keep the rest properly frozen.

            1. re: mitchleeny

              Be sure to find out if the shrimp have been treated with trisodium phosphates. I bought "wild caught Alabama shrimp" that were treated and had to throw them out. Tasted like chemicals.

            2. re: nycguy20011

              Its possible you bought fresh USA wild at citarella and frozen imported at lobster place; just because they are the same price doesn't mean its the same product and therefore comparing the two doesn't work.

            3. Trader Joe's has wild shrimps(frozen) at $10 for a lb.

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              1. re: Monica

                Does is matter if it's "wild" or "farmed"?

                1. re: nycguy20011

                  Yes. The farming of shrimp is heinous.

                  1. re: mitchleeny

                    That could probably be said of a lot of farming. Ban the farming of shrimp and only the 1% will be able to afford it.

                    1. re: GaryUES

                      Did anyone mention the word "ban?"

                      Buy what you will. And I'll do the same.

                    2. re: mitchleeny

                      Supposedly there is a movement to farm shrimp in a more responsible manner, without the chemical cocktails and abused workers, but the results are expensive.


                      1. re: rnh17

                        Thanks for linking the article, I wish I had the willpower to go completely vegetarian when I read about what happens on corporate farms. :(

                    3. re: nycguy20011

                      I am sure some farmed shrimps and fishes are raised humanely but I know that most farmed seafood is raised in filthy compact limited area with concentrated number of fish. They are raised with chemicals and antibiotic.

                      1. re: Monica

                        and apparently slave labor. Truly horrible.

                      2. re: nycguy20011

                        I was of the understanding that farmed in the US, Northern Europe and even some South American countries was actually OK. If the source is Asia, particularly Indonesia and India, they are known as "Toilet Shrimp" for a good reason

                        1. re: dyrewolf

                          May be better in US and Northern Europe but I don't think they can avoid not using chemicals.
                          The ones from Asia are often found with trades of human feces and god knows what.

                        2. re: nycguy20011

                          Excellent recent article from consumer reports for further education on how to and what to look for

                          1. re: Monica

                            The TJ's Wild Argentinian red shrimps are excellent. If you can find them in stock, they're uncooked, frozen, deveined, and have a lobster like flavor/texture. I find them incredibly versatile, cold or hot. I routinely keep them around the house. I believe they're $13.99.