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May 12, 2014 06:28 PM

Baz Bagel in LES [Little Italy]

Had almost their entire menu board today - all bagels with varying composition - all excellent. I still prefer the depth & breadth of salmons at Russ & Daughters but i find these bagels slightly more appealing. Really delicious stuff and most of them are around $10 (bagels alone are just $1.50)

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  1. I concur! We live in the neighborhood and Baz has become our weekend go-to. The lox and eggs and blintzes are standouts. Sweet staff too.

    1. Had lunch there the other day. I had an onion bagel with whitefish salad, very good. A little sweet for my taste and I prefer the salmon/ whitefish combo from R and D but the bagel was excellent. Small,well done and tasty. Fellow 'hound Russian Girl had an egg salad on everything her comment was 'eh". Her regular spot, that she loves is Absolute, B'way and 108.
      So, as they say, ymmv.