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May 12, 2014 06:26 PM

Cherry Season 2014 - Prices seen in the SF Bay Area?

I bought some cherries at Costco 2lbs for $12, paid too much on Fri, noticed at 99 Ranch Fremont they had Bing cherries for $2.99/lb today 5/12/14.

Hope others will post prices they see around the SF Bay Area.

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  1. Manila Oriental in Daly City (King Plaza) has cherries for $1.99/lb. Not the same grade of Costco, of course.

    1. Twin Girls at farmers' market @ $7/lb for organic bings and raniers

      1. $2 to $2.50/lb on Stockton Street in SF Chinatown on Saturday . . . still too pale in color and flavor for me to be a buyer.

        1. Baskets (pint sized?) at UN Plaza for around $5. Mostly Brooks, some early Bings. I bought around 25-30 cherries for $3 from the Indian vendor near the center of the market - maybe they were $4/lb?

          1. Local farmer's market has cherries at $5-6/lb, first saw them a couple of Sundays ago. Hopefully prices drop as more vendors bring them in.