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Cherry Season 2014 - Prices seen in the SF Bay Area?

I bought some cherries at Costco 2lbs for $12, paid too much on Fri, noticed at 99 Ranch Fremont they had Bing cherries for $2.99/lb today 5/12/14.

Hope others will post prices they see around the SF Bay Area.

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  1. Manila Oriental in Daly City (King Plaza) has cherries for $1.99/lb. Not the same grade of Costco, of course.

    1. Twin Girls at farmers' market @ $7/lb for organic bings and raniers

      1. $2 to $2.50/lb on Stockton Street in SF Chinatown on Saturday . . . still too pale in color and flavor for me to be a buyer.

        1. Baskets (pint sized?) at UN Plaza for around $5. Mostly Brooks, some early Bings. I bought around 25-30 cherries for $3 from the Indian vendor near the center of the market - maybe they were $4/lb?

          1. Local farmer's market has cherries at $5-6/lb, first saw them a couple of Sundays ago. Hopefully prices drop as more vendors bring them in.

            1. By the way, when I asked at Lagier a few weeks back, they said that their sour cherries would be on the late side this year.

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                I bought sour cherries this time last year and made a pie for my dad's birthday. His birthday is Friday. Does anyone have sour cherries? Have they been and gone? Or still to come? Anyone know?

              2. According to a post on BiRite's blog, local farmers have seen anywhere from 50-100% crop failure this year due to weather conditions. Prices are likely to remain above what they've been in the past: http://www.biritemarket.com/produce/l...

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                  UGH that sucks! Hopefully Costco will have cherries at a reasonable price...

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                    When I checked the Brentwood farms in anticipation of the u-pick season, they also reported a poor crop this season. Decided to skip it and spring for same-day fedex-ed cherries from Andy's Orchards. Their season starts in early June I think. Roughly $85 for 5 lbs, but I am picky about fruit and I have to have cherries this season. $10/lb at bi-rite doesn't sound too bad at all, IF the fruit is perfect.

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                      Went on the Andy's cherry tasting tour yesterday and the cherries were delightful. Their crop harvest is down 80% this year and the prices reflect this. Cherries at the farm store are $6-10.50/lb. But if you went on the tour you could pick all you wanted for $3.50/lb. Unfortunately, the rest of the 2014 tastings/tours have been cancelled due to family illness.

                  2. Berkeley Bowl has five or six varieties, including $3.89/lb for Tulares (great crisp texture but not full-flavored), $4.09/lb for Rainiers (flavor ok--I find them bland even at their best--but many have brown spots).

                    1. A shy chowhound sent this poster of prices from Nijiya.

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                        I couldn't read it very well, so I found more information on Nijiya's website:


                      2. Still very expensive at the Ferry Building Saturday market - $7-$9/lb, depending on farmer. $10 at my local Real Foods and on Good Eggs.

                        1. Trader Joe's has Washington State cherries for $5.99 for a two-pound container. Although I'm often wary of pre-packaged fruit, all the fruit in this container was in good condition, although the cherries could have been a little sweeter.

                          1. Cherries are still $6/lb at the local farmers markets. Costco had Lapin cherries from Oregon at $7.99 for a 2lb clamshell.

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                              I got some cherries (not advertised as organic) at the Castro Farmer's Market for $4/lb last week. I didn't write down the name of the farm, but it was one of the back stalls, further from Market St.

                              Honestly, the quality of these cherries was better than any of the $10/lb handfuls I've bought at Bi-Rite this year.