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May 12, 2014 06:00 PM

CHARLOTTE: Where to find goose or duck eggs?

I am dying to try my hand at salt curing egg yolks after reading this blog post by Hunter Angler Gardener Cook:

He recommends goose and/or duck eggs. Anyone know where in town I can find these? Have you ever salt cured egg yolks? What did you use them for? He recommends grating them over pasta or salads, like you would parmesan cheese.

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  1. I've seen duck eggs at any of the big Asian supermarkets. I saw some for sale at the Reguonal Farmer's Market last week. As of the salted duck egg, I've never tried it, but everything online leads me to believe that it's Chinese in origin. I wonder if any of the Dim Sum places on Central serve salt cured duck eggs.

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      Thanks lgt! I love all things eggs (well, except I would never try balut, but aside from that... lol). I'll check out the regional market and maybe even Super G.

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        No problem, Lynn! I love all things egg related. I had a five hours egg @ Commander's Palace that I still daydream about.

    2. I see duck eggs frequently at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. I'd bet Matthews and Davidson get them too. Sometimes Bosky Acres sells them for a neighbor who has ducks, and I've seen Daddy's Girl Creamery with them. This time of year, they should be pretty easy to find.

      1. You can also find them at 7th street market. They had at least 3 dozen at the farm stand there the other day when I got 6.

        1. Super G Mart sells duck eggs.

          1. Great! Thanks everyone. It's amazing how much I miss when I'm not looking for it. ;)

            Apparently goose eggs are harder to come by. Anyone ever see these around town?

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              One Restaurant in Chapel Hill makes a heavenly steak tartare with cured egg yolk. Thanks for passing along the receipe.

              1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                Oooooh Tom, you are SO speaking my language. Yum. I will put that on my list of "Things To Do with My Cured Egg Yolks". ;)