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May 12, 2014 05:36 PM

Anniversary dinner for no kosher fam

MIL wants an upscale dining experience in manhattan to celebrate a big anniversary. Party of 11 including small children. We have a reservation at prime grill - should we consider anywhere else? Quality of food and service more a consideration than cost. Thanks!

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  1. Mike's Bistro. Never disappoints.

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    1. I would also suggest a private room at La Brochette. Very disappointed for my last Prime Grill experience.

      1. Le Marais. Price is rite. Ask for upstairs. Can order occasion cake and save on individual deserts.

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          I really like La Marais for groups, it is GREAT for business lunches - you can really sit and talk.

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            My husband takes clients quite often to le Marais for lunches. (Lately, he's been going to PG because of the larger menu. More accommodating to his clients).

            But, it can get really loud on busy nights! Something to take into consideration. For 11 people, they will do a prix fix menu

        2. I am concerned lemarais gets too noisy though due to the three kids 7 & under we will be starting early like 5 or 5:30 pm. Anyone else want to weigh in? My husband thinks PG is the best but at those prices I will be mortified if the meal is less than perfect.

          1. Ask for upstairs. They wont guarantee but u are early