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May 12, 2014 05:28 PM

Knoxville on a Saturday Night

Sounds like the theme of a bad honky tonk song, but I'll be in Knoxville, TN on a Saturday night, with a car, and would like to know if there's any place I should be sure to get to. Searching the board leads to very disappointing results, so I'm hoping you'll point out something I've missed.

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  1. Did you search in the actual Tennessee /Kentucky board?

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    1. re: LaLa

      Yes. I wasn't paying attention to which board I was posting on. My mistake.

      1. re: rockycat

        I wasn't being rude just trying to help

    2. What type of food are you looking for? Foothills Milling Company can't be missed (if you can get a table). It's about a 25 min drive from downtown, just past the airport. Amazing. My husband prefers it over Husk.

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      1. re: stincey230

        One of my boarding school buddies that still lives in the area raves about this place!

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          Unfortunately, as of Wednesday night, they were fully booked for the weekend. At this point, though, I'm so beat, I don't think I'll be traveling too far for dinner.

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          I had a glorious meal at Foothills Milling Company Tuesday night! We had a large party of seven for a 7:30 res in the bar area. I went with my family and my in laws.

          I had the best red sangria ever. A surprise amuse bouche of fried redfish with remoulade... Fantastic. The sausage board was incredible, then they brought out a bread course with rosemary bread and corn muffins. Delish! Then I had fried okra salad. I've always loved the okra/cheddar/ranch combo. Then a palate cleanser of mango sorbet. Followed by my smoked pork chop with mac and cheese and green beans. I was so full that it was tough to finish. I didn't like the truffle oil in the M&C, but the rest was wonderful.

          By this point I realized my father in law was gonna pick up the check so I didn't force dessert. I keep wondering what the options were.

          I did down a bottle of Underburg. It helped. I loved our waiter, but didn't catch his name. I wish we could go back soon!

        3. I assume it's for the Biscuit Festival?!

          I case I miss what type of food you're looking for, here's a list.

          Mexican - Chez Guevara (West Hills area near Barnes and Noble); must order chile con queso, red salsa, and meatball quesadillas

          Sushi - Nama (downtown); chef's choice platter

          Also in downtown, Tupelo Honey, Knox Mason, Stock & Barrel), Tomato Head, Cafe 4.

          Hope that helps.

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            Thank you. A few of those were on my radar already. I have to ask, though. Chez Guevara? Really? The name alone makes me cringe, but hey, if the food is good...

            I'm not too picky about the type of food. I was just hoping for something that wasn't TGI O'ChiliBee's and maybe getting a chance to taste where Knoxville excels. Aside from biscuits, of course.

            1. re: rockycat

              Hands down Foothills Milling Company (shrimp and pork entree or tempura lobster).

              Ha. I understand about the name. The food and the atmosphere are great. The meatball quesadillas were the special last night and are supposed to be available through the weekend. They're rarely on the menu, so I hope you have a chance to try them.

              Have a nice trip. Let us know what you think and where you eat!

          2. Report back. I ended up at Stock and Barrel because, as I mentioned, I was too tired to drive in an unfamiliar city, even with GPS, and I'm staying near Market Square.

            I ordered the Steakhouse Burger, medium-well, with onion rings. I'm glad I didn't order an app because, from what I saw at other tables, the apps can easily be shared among 3 or more. I asked for the burger medium-well assuming it would come out well-done and, in fact, it did. That made me happy but not everyone might appreciate it. Still, the burger was juicy and not at all dried out. The onion rings were impressive, thick-cut and well cooked. A little too greasy, but not really a problem.

            I only had 2 complaints and the problem was mine, not the restaurant's. The steak sauce, which I assume is house-made, was not really to my taste. Perhaps too much tamarind for me. I'm not sure. And, because I chose to eat outside, my food cooled down too quickly. Not the restaurant's fault, though.

            My main regret is that I won't be here for BB King at the Tennessee Theater Tuesday night. :-)

            Thanks for you input and suggestions.

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              I'm glad you had a good meal (we tried to go there tonight - one hour wait wasn't happening with our boys). I hate you didn't have the chance to try Foothills. Maybe next time. I'm dead serious - if you're ever close to knoxville, it's worth the drive.

              Also, add Blackberry Farm to your list. It was the coolest dining experience I've had. Crazy expensive, but worth it.