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May 12, 2014 05:18 PM

Good chinese (westernized) take-out or delivery in VSL/Ahuntsic/Cartierville or even Laval?

Yup, that's what I'm looking for. So far, we have tried Kam Do, Fu Kam Wah, Phenix d'Or, Fu Lam, Ken Ching and Tong Por. The best have been Tong Por but very expensive to order often and FKW which is good but can be pretty uneven (1 in 2 times, it's average at best). So, is this as good as it gets?

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  1. Xing Long on Fleury is tasty. More importantly, has one of the cleanest kitchens in any restaurant. I had lunch there with a media celebrity, and the owners invited us in the back of house for a photo, I have been back twice since. That says alot, I generally prefer authentic cantonese cuisine, but i bend my rules for the occasional cravings.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. I stopped and got take-out on my way home and it was pretty good. The hits were the the General Tao (one of the best ones as per my DH who eats lots of this) and the mixed vegetables that had more than carrots, onions, cabbage and water chestnuts (only gripe was the broccoli was a bit overcooked). The misses were the fried rice, it was really just soya flavored rice, the spring roll that had just cabbage as a filling and the wonton soup; the wontons were thick and doughy. I will go for the hot'n sour soup, the steamed rice and try the egg roll next time.The Szechuan shrimp were a good size and not overdone but the sauce was too tangy. I also loved the retro Chinese decor. This type of place is a dying breed.
      It hit the spot for our craving.
      Heybaldy, is the buffet any good?

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        You pretty much summed it up. Highs, lows, freckles and all. Them there wontons were designed for lo-fahns ( occidentals north americans) so the buffet in my opinion would be pretty much about as good as as anything ala carte. If you didnt really like the soya fried rice, you might probably prefer authentic Yung chow fried rice or what is generally called special fried rice(GOOGL IMAGES AVAIL.). My favorite place for chow mein cantonese style and fried rice would be Maison Kam in Pierrefonds, but I frequent the Foo Lam at 9394 Lacadie blvd. as well (not to be confused with the FU Lam buffet chain) These both also rate high by my Chinese foodie friend Lee Fat. (REALLY, THAT IS HIS NAME)