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May 12, 2014 03:51 PM

Eureka! Discover American Craft

Small chain specializing in burgers, brown liquor, beer, currently 12 branches in California and Seattle.

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  1. I went to the Berkeley branch this weekend. Compared the menu with the one from the Redlands branch, the only difference was the coffee. Not clear from the web site if other places have the happy hour, which is pretty epic: $2 off most beer, all wine, and cocktails made with Buffalo Trace or Fugu Vodka, 2pm-6pm daily and 9pm-closing Sun.-Thurs.

    Lolipop corn dogs ($7.50 / $4 at happy hour): five maybe inch-long chunks of polish sausage with a thin coating of batter. Really good, maybe the best corn dog I've had.

    Nachos ($9.50 / $6): very good, not a lot of wet stuff so stayed crisp, included good amounts of tasty guacamole and chicken.

    "Original" burger ($9.75): very good, came medium-rare as ordered, good bun

    Fries (came with burger): not very good, kind of dry, not that crisp. Ate less than half, would not order again.

    Cole slaw ($1.25 to sub for fries, $3.50 as side): underseasoned but very tasty once we added some salt. Not sweet.

    Onion rings ($1.25 to sub three for fries, $4.50 for four): good texture, properly fried, held together, but seemed completely underseasoned, and sprinking salt on top didn't really correct the problem. Didn't finish, would not order again.