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May 12, 2014 03:38 PM

Organic Asparagus? Organic Artichokes?

I've read a couple of different places that artichokes especially are important to get organic, because it takes years for the plants to establish themselves, so you are getting more than one year's worth of pesticides.

Anybody seen either of these anywhere in town?

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  1. According to the Environmental Working Group, you may not need to worry about the asparagus. They make the "clean fifteen" list. It appears that they are not all that attractive to pests.

    1. I have not seen organic artichokes but I can sometimes get organic asparagus at Whole Foods in Fresh Pond Cambridge. For the past month and a half they don't have it every time but I did get it there this past Sunday, and a couple other times as well.

      1. I bought organic asparagus at the Atlas Farm stand at the Copley Farmers' market today.


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          oh wow, didn't know the copley fm opened today.thanks!

          1. re: BostonZest

            Oh, nice news. Love that farmers' market.

          2. Ask and you shall receive--the salad bar at the Broadway Supermarket in Cambridge had long stemmed marinated artichokes labelled "Organic Artichokes with Stems" on their salad bar.

            I was actually asking about the raw ones--and wasn't in takeout salad bar mode--but they might be worth a taste.