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May 12, 2014 02:41 PM

Lobster Roll at...wait for it...Renaissance Faire in Irwindale

I kid you not. The past couple of years the Ren Faire has been importing various food truck and catering booths to compete with turkey legs, steak-on-a-stake, and baked potatoes. There's now a very good El Cholo stand, a fusion-y Italian truck (chicken in a pesto chile verde sauce and parmesan cheese on a roll), etc.

I went to accompany my Better Palate who likes to visit once a year, and we stumbled on a booth called "Thomas Towers." First thing on their chalk menuboard was "Lobster Roll." It was unbelievably delicious. I've had rolls in New England, and this was better than any I had there; better than the Lobsta Truck, better than Connie and Ted's.

They only have a butter option, no mayo. The roll is perfectly toasted on the bottom, and buttered. The lobster is warm and absurdly flavorful and tender. It's garnished with a few leaves of arugula.

I asked around and apparently the secret is that the lobster is...wait for it again...cooked in butter.

It's slightly smaller than Lobsta Truck's, bigger than Hungry Cat's thing (which is NOT a lobster roll). At $14, I thought it was perfectly fair.

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  1. love a mayo-free lobstah roll

    1. interesting. I'll be there next week (closing weekend)

      Any other 'houndish reports from Ren Faire?

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      1. re: ns1

        No spinal tap Stonehenge performances?

        1. re: ns1

          Other thing to check out is aforementioned Italian-fusion truck, draped in burlap at the very back of the Faire next to the joust entrance.

        2. Did it smell of Sriracha factory emissions?

          Seriously, that sounds pretty good.

          1. Hilarious. I walked by that truck last weekend thinking who the hell eats a lobster tool at the Ren Fair.

            The fish chips at the main food area is better than you'd expect and the chow pups like the sausage rolls.

            1. Going this weekend. Will have to check this out.

              Another random place to find a lobster roll: Disneyland. At a little food stand near the Haunted Mansion. But it's not very good.

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              1. re: TheOffalo

                Skip the lobster roll. Went to Disneyland for the first time in about, oh, 20 yrs a few wks ago. Had the corn dogs. Even though I'm apparently getting the watered down version, they were still DIVINE. Monte Cristo at Blue Bayou was also mighty good (if mighty expensive).