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May 12, 2014 02:27 PM

Best local balsamic vinegar?

Viansa Winery's balsamic venegar has been our favorite for several years. When we visited recently they were sold out and yesterday we were told they no longer make it. It was rich, thicke, fruity, favorable, without that "back of the tongue" harness that often accompanies a straight tasting of balsamic. Does anyone have recommendations for local producers of balsamic that I should check out? Obviously, I need to find a new favorite. Thanks.

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  1. The Apple Farm's apple "balsamic" is great stuff.

    1. Have you tried a balsamic tasting at Magnani Poultry in Berkeley? I like their pomegranate
      Magnani Poultry
      1576 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA

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        Magnani balsamics
        Lemon grass mint
        Cranberry pear
        Black currant
        White pear
        Dark chocolate
        Golden pineapple

      2. B.R. Cohn in Sonoma Valley makes and sells olive oil and vinegars, and also imports a balsamic from Modena, Italy. I have their 25-year aged balsamic and like it a lot, using it sparingly. You might enjoy tasting them at the winery.

        1. I'm currently using a Da Vero 15y balsamic that is very nice. I think the best I've ever had was from Lucero, but I'm not sure if it's what they offer on their website currently. It had deep, rich flavor and lower acidity. I picked up several bottles at a triathlon of all places and was simply amazed at the price and quality. If you get to the EBay, Amphora Nueva is well worth visiting. They have a large variety of private label olive oils and balsamics that you can taste before buying. Their products have impressed me.

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            Amphora Nueva is definitely worth a visit.

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              I was thinking that as well, although I'm not sure how much of their stuff is local.

              If you're looking strictly for local, I've liked some of Big Paws' vinegars (especially the apricot lavender, and lavender normally wouldn't appeal to me).