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May 12, 2014 12:07 PM

Dumplings & Beyond

I was hearing some positive murmurs about Dumplings & Beyond in Glover Park. Supposedly, fantastic dumplings. I can't report on that. I can report that their hot sour soup is average and their "Szechuan Fried Chili Chicken Cubes" dish was bland and uninteresting and not spicy or full of szechuan peppercorns when i begged them for it.

They also chuckled when I asked for chopsticks, which pissed me off.

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  1. So, other than that, what did you think of the place?

    1. China Bistro for dumplings in my books....along Rockville Pike (Hungerford Drive), across the street from the fairly new GW Grocery.

      1. The fresh dumplings are what this place is known for.

        They are water dumplings (boiled), which are light and simple. Fresh simplicity is the whole vibe. Try them with a cucumber salad.

        Incidentally, this restaurant is cooking foods like you'd get up north in Beijing (almost on the border of Mongolia).

        Naturally, expecting food from the deep south (Sichuan) is a bit like going to coastal Maine and expecting to find Texas-style BBQ ribs, no?

        At this restaurant, I'd get the northern-Chinese food.

        I agree with you that they seem to have a few "crowd pleasers" at the back of the menu, like General Tso's chicken, but I find those offerings beside the point.