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May 12, 2014 11:58 AM

Restaurant Manitoba

Has anyone gone yet?

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  1. Lots of people. I hear they're doing pretty good business.

    1. What does this restaurant have to do with Manitoba? Besides maybe smoked goldeye, I can't think of anything regional necessitating a theme...

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      1. re: The Chemist

        They've given an explanation of the name in a recent CultMTL or Eater Montreal article. What does Liverpool House have to do with Liverpool?

        1. re: Fintastic

          Not being from Liverpool, I couldn't tell you. Being from Manitoba, I'm somewhat confused. The menu features many ingredients that are totally unknown to the province (people would shudder at the thought of eating horse, for instance). It would speak far more to 'Manitoba' if they served pierogies and car theft.

        2. re: The Chemist

          They wanted a name that sounded aboriginal since they want to serve local ingredients, yet simple enough so that people could remember it, as well a sounding good in both french and english.

          From lapresse a few weeks ago

          1. re: westaust

            Canada would have been a better name. Or Quebec. Both 'sound" aboriginal (in fact, they are!) or why not, hmmm, something like Hochelaga!

            1. re: williej

              Not sure the OP was looking for opinions about the name of the restaurant. Probably the least important thing in the world...

              1. re: williej

                So is Manitoba. More precisely, Aboriginal names misheard in French or English, and in some cases, first in French, later in Engish.

                1. re: williej

                  IMO, Glaff, for once this kind of discussion is interesting, since the name is supposed to have some meaning.

                  Aside from Canada and Quebec both being more meaningless and pretentious than what they settled on, or Hochelaga's connotations of pawn shops and prostitutes, "Manitoba Montreal" is obviously far easier to google and find the right result.

                  Also, dare I suggest, they couldn't / wouldn't pick a name associated with local aboriginals...

                  1. re: Shattered

                    Beat me to it, but I agree entirely with your post. Something aboriginal but not too aboriginal was likely the goal, for a variety of reasons related to PCness. We all remember Tripes & Caviar's questionable menu from last year..

                  2. re: williej

                    Haha. Car theft..

                    IMO, naming a restaurant in Quebec, Canada either "Quebec" or "Canada" would be the worst decision since YOLO. At the very least, when I googled the terms "Manitoba restaurant Montreal" last weekend it immediately brought up the establishment I was looking for. "Quebec restaurant Montreal" probably would not have been as successful..

                    Personally, I like the name of the restaurant (particularly fitting given lagatta's link below) and I like what they're trying to do.

              2. I was wondering what the food was like. Wondering if its worth the trek for me

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                1. The original comment has been removed
                  1. Went yesterday for lunch.....very creative menu, and good helpful staff. Great review in Saturday La Presse:
                    My only reservation was that the wine by the glass was a "small pour" but go for the food and new tastes. This is a real opportunity to support young creative people who have a solid concept