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Lunch at Fisherman's Wharf [San Francisco]

  • JoyM May 12, 2014 11:17 AM
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I've got to go to a 3 day class next month at a hotel on Columbus, off Bay, and I need someplace for lunch each day. Fisherman's Wharf is probably my least favorite part of SF and I rarely go there, as I think of it as tourists eating canned clam chowder out of stale sourdough bowls. I know Scoma's is supposed to be pretty good, but it's probably out of my price range. Is there anywhere decent that's not too far from the hotel? The lunch break will be an hour, at the most, so North Beach or FCD are probably too far.

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  1. The three "stationary" trucks will supply a different lunch adventure (with seating) each day.

    The Codmother


    Then Carmel Pizza, that I've not tried yet,

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Perfect! Melanie, I worship you, but you knew that. ;)

      1. re: JoyM

        Have to take care of the acolytes. :-J

        Al fresco at the Wharf sounds good to me. Please do report back.

    2. Tacqueria San Jose #3 is nearby. I haven't been to it, but the original on Mission St. is excellent and the Oakland branch is decent. I like the tacos al pastor and the tacos de chorizo at the original. If they're not carving the al pastor off a vertical spit I'd get something else.

      1. Plus one on Codmother's fish (haven't tried the chips and the Baja sauce tastes canned) and Tanguito for the empanadas.

        Maybe Delise at 327 Bay? I've heard good things about their made-to-order sandwiches, though I've only had the very good baked items and ice cream. Closed Mondays.

        1. Whatever you do, just don't eat a Mission style "burrito." Egads, those cheaply filled carb bombs are an abomination.

          1. How'd it go?