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Dinners near Burlington

So I got our lunches figured out, now it's dinner time.

We are staying in Williston at the Residence Inn...much cheaper than the original plan. So I'm thinking Williston, Essex, Burlington are our town options for dinner. We have two young boys.

If we have a cranky night, my plan is to get stuff at VT Meat and Seafood to grill at the hotel....as long as the grills look clean-ish. I guess the heat will kill anything gross.... Another cranky night option is rotisserie chicken from Hannaford with items from the salad bar.

For going out, I was thinking about Istanbul Kebab House and/or American Flatbread. Where else would you recommend that is family friendly?

Also, where do you go for sushi?

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  1. Definitely recommend Flatbread. I always see families with young kids there, and since it's a loud, bustling restaurant, tantrums generally go unnoticed! And of course, the pizza is delicious. Joyce's Noodle House in Essex Jct is quite good Chinese, inexpensive, casual. Sneakers in Winooski serves delicious dinner (and the best brunch in the area) thursday - saturday night and would be good for a family. Also, Pho Hong for great vietnamese. i'm not a sushi person so can't help you there. enjoy your time here!

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      Flatbread will be a definite. Sneakers won't be open for dinner the nights we are there.

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        I think Sneakers stopped dinner service a few months ago.

        1. re: gemvt

          Oh no! Do you know why they stopped?

      2. We like the Hinesburgh Public House for a good meal out with the kids. Great local food. Great kids menu as well - no chicken finger type crappy food! Kids can get salmon, grilled chicken etc. About 10-15 minutes south of your hotel in Hinesburg. Make a reservation if you decide to go.

        There is a newish flatbread pizza type restaurant in Williston-I have not been yet but friends have and they liked it. Its about a 1/2 mile from your hotel.

        Don't do sushi so can't help there!

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          Love the kid's menu at Hinesburgh....so many times it's just crap I won't feed my boys.

        2. There's a sushi place, I can't ever remember the name of it, in the same shopping plaza as The 99 restaurant. They've got really good sushi. HAH, found my directions to it in an old thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/797300

          So Sakura Sushi (or is it called Sushido?). http://www.yelp.com/biz/sushido-sushi... As with all yelp reviews, take with a grain of salt, but that's mostly to give you links to their phone number and directions, as they don't appear to have a website.

          There's also Koto Steakhouse, I think they have Sushi. There's an Asian place in Winooski, I think it's Asian Gourmet, right in a building on the round about there, too.

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            Sakura has gone sadly down hill recently, our past two visits have been not quite right, the heart has seemed to left the place.

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              aw that's awful... blah. well i like the sushi at the place in winooski, too!

              Though if you're going up that way, I'd go to Misery Loves Company for dinner instead. :)

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                yes! misery loves co.-what a great place!

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                We will just skip the sushi until we get to Barre and have lunch at Asian Gourmet after visiting Rock of Ages.

            2. Another idea that just came to me that is always a hit with the kids.
              Burger Night (Fridays) at Bread & Butter Farm in South Burlington. Really good and lots of fun!

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                That does look fun! We will be there Monday - Thursday though. But I will try to remember this for the future. We live in NH, so VT is such an easy weekend trip.

              2. If you want to stay close (Williston/Essex Jct./So. Burlington/HInesburg) here are my recs:

                Williston: Natural Provisions (great selections of prepared foods and items you can cook), VT Meat and Seafood (Dana and Eric are great guys and they have the best wine selection in Williston), Garden of Eatin' (inside Gardener's Supply), Vermont Tap House (wide selection of beers)

                Essex Jct. : Martone's (lunch or early dinner, great sandwiches)

                So. Burlington: Pulcinella's (Italian food done right), Upper Deck Pub (family friendly sports pub)

                Hinesburg: Good Times Café (family friendly place with pizza, salads, and Cajun influenced options.......owners Chris and Tracy are great folks)

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                  Does VT Meat and Seafood have prepared food too? I was thinking of grabbing some items to grill at the hotel. If I could get some pasta salad or side dishes, that would be perfect.

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                    They do and include many sides and salads as well as a deli for sandwiches and other picnic supplies.

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                    OOH. I second Good Times Cafe in Hinesburg. Can't believe I forgot to mention it! We really like this place. Pizza is great. My favorite dishes are their Garam Masala and whatever burrito they have on special.

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                      Looks like a good option. Maybe Wednesday for the live music. That's a good distraction for kids!

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                        Garam Masala? I must have had spices on my mind. Chana Masala is the dish I like!

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                          That's what I want to try. Do they charge a cover on nights with live music?

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                            Depends on the act.......Chris often books some national acts and there can be an appropriate charge for those acts ($20 or so). I would check ahead or go early if that works better

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                              Thanks. We can always go Tuesday to avoid the cover...just hate to pay a cover with 4 and 5 year olds.

                    2. Thoughts on Farm House Tap and Grill in Burlington? Seems like it would be loud to cover the sound of kids, although mine are pretty good. And I always bring technology as a distraction :)

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                        I personally loathe the Farmhouse and think it is terribly overhyped. I've never had a good meal there. They do have great beer though. almost always a horribly long wait so with kids, maybe not the best choice

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                          Thanks, I'll cross that off the list!

                        2. re: rizzo0904

                          They have plenty of outdoor seating....

                        3. Okay, I think I've figured it out.

                          Monday: American Flatbread
                          Tuesday: Hinesburgh Public House or grill stuff from VT Meat and Seafood
                          Wednesday: Good Times Cafe for the live music and my first cajun food

                          Lunches were in another thread: King Arthur Flour Norwich, Green Goddess Stowe, pbj while hiking on day 3, Asian Gourmet Barre, and a quick stop at VT Maple BBQ on way home.

                          We may go out to breakfast one day...leaning towards Penny Cluse.

                          Planning a stop at IC Scoops in Stowe. Any other "treat" stops we should make?

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                            Well I'm very fond of Cold Hollow Cider Mill. :) There's also the Ben and Jerry's plant tour, if you've never done that. I've been through it so many times, and I still enjoy it. There's a Lake Champlain Chocolates outlet store, a Cabot Cheese outlet store, and a Danforth Pewter outlet store all in the same general complex. All the above are on the way to Stowe from the interstate.

                            There's uhm... Laughing Moon chocolates on main street in Stowe village as well (keep an eye out for it, you'll probably drive past it the first time).

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                              We are definitely doing all the food "tours"....Ben and Jerry's, Cold Hollow, etc. And we'll stop at Green Mt since there is a letterbox there...and I'll grab a cup of coffee :)

                          2. Sounds like you have a plan, but I wanted to add other options for when you return :).

                            I really enjoy the South End Kitchen at Lake Champlain Chocolates on Pine Street. Nice big new building, breakfast and lunch every day and dinner Wednesday through Saturday, chocolate treats and ice cream. Many times you can watch small batch chocolate being produced in a small area to the right of the cafe. Fun place.

                            Also, I like The Spot on Shelburne Road and Archie's, further down in Shelburne.

                            The South End Truck Stop just ramped up again and is a great place to take kids on a Friday night





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                              Thanks...plans can always change :)

                            2. Please let us know how the lunches and dinners and the whole experience goes. We are from Boston and hoping to do a similar trip soon with our son.

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                                Will do. We don't go for a few weeks...6/30-7/3. But since family is coming with us, I started to plan early :)

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                                  We go up twice every year from boston and Misery Loves Co., imo, is a must. Last time, we had 2 lunches and 2 dinners there! sidewalk umbrella tables if you're lucky. check out their website. Penny Cluse has been one of our fav restnts in New Eng for many many years. Def the best breakfast anywhere- so many Intntl. choices, and their Mex food is really top notch. i love everything about it except the line (so we try to go in off hours.)love the room, the energy, the vibe, the friendliness, the food.

                                  at the cider mill, you might want to take home and freeze some of their amazing cider donuts (and i almost never use 'amazing' and 'donuts' in the same sentence, unfortunately)! Hope you have a wonderful trip. We looove Burlington. On a future trip, if you have more time, i highly recommend the Shelburne Museum- some 45 historic buildings moved there from all over VT. The boys might love the last steamboat to cruise Lake Champlain, the fully working historic carousel, the lighthouse, the c.1890 train station and private train car, the pharmacy........

                                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                                    We have changed plans a bit...inlaws dropped a night so things have been rearranged. We are doing the Shelburne Museum on Tuesday...we'll probably head over to Good Times Cafe for dinner after that.

                                    Stuck on Monday now. We were going to go to Hinesburgh Public House, but it's out of the way...hotel is now in Colchester. So many places mentioned above are closed on Monday night. Inlaws are having Italian for lunch, so we can't do that for dinner. She won't go to American Flatbread as she has tried their products at Whole Foods and didn't like it. Inlaws aren't big on Asian cuisine, or Mexican.

                                    Any thoughts on Wooden Spoon Bistro?

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                                      The frozen American Flatbread products nowhere approximate the quality of their on premises pizzas. Can you persuade you MIL to give it a try? As I recall they also have salads if she is dead set against their pizza.

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                                        I told her I've never had a good frozen pizza..... I'll give it a shot. After driving 3 hours, I don't really want to do another 1 hour round trip for dinner.

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                                        Colchester has limited options but you are close to Winooski, South Burlington, and Burlington.........there is a place called The Lighthouse (located in the Hampton Inn...haven't been so can't really comment)....eliminating Asian and Italian really limits your options....here is what I would say..........get on 89 South....exit at South Burlington and go to Al's French Frys.....you will save some $, the kid's will love it, and it is close......fries, burgers, ice cream........no alcohol served....won't be the best meal you'll ever have, but it certainly won't be the worst