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May 12, 2014 08:55 AM

Best Peruvian in London?

Going to Chotto Matte and Lima, yet curious about if I should choose Ceviche, Andina,or Coya? Looking for a lively scene ...

.... thanks in advance!

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  1. Chotte Matte will certainly give you a lively scene. The bar downstairs always looks rammed and it is fun in the restaurant upstairs as well. The first meal I had there was very good, I thought some dishes were only a bit worse that Nobu but much less expensive. Unfortunately a recent visit was not as good, not bad, but just very average- it is still a fun place though.

    I have eaten at Lima twice and both times had good well balanced food; it just was not that exciting to me though. The restaurant is not that lively; ask to be seated downstairs in the bar for a chance of a bubblier vibe.

    Ceviche is a lively Soho place and the food is decent and it is good value for money. I have not been to Andina but I would imagine it is very similar.

    I quite liked Coya, it also has a busy vibe but in a ‘Mayfair’ way. I found the food here to be very solid with some really good dishes. They have a charcoal grill for the anticuchos and they are very good. It can get very expensive though,

    1. There is also Titos at London bridge and Tierra Peru in Islington. Let us know what they are like.

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        I loved both chotte matte.and coya! Fab and fun

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          I ate at Tito's mid-Dec 2012. The anticuchos were horribly overcooked & like shoe leather; ceviche was better but not good enough to convince me to return. When I commented that I couldn't even eat it, I was sharply told this was how it is always done in Peru. Having an Ecuadorian chef friend who made - still does - delicious, tender anticuchos in his restaurant, I knew this couldn't be. I'll usually work my way through food but this dish was an exception... I keep meaning to try some place else 'cos I'm Really missing my buddy's excellent ceviches!!

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            I remember being really disappoited by everthing I ate at Titos save that the ceviche was pretty decent - this was in 2008 though so there wasn't the same choice there is now!

            Do they still sell Inca Cola there?

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              I don't know, ManInTransit... yes, the ceviche was ok just not great - but I'd been spoiled recently as I said. I Will get around to trying one of the other places; I just keep getting distracted by other cuisines :) So Many Choices, so few meals, LOL.