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May 12, 2014 08:46 AM

Deerfield & Downers Grove

Any suggestions for breakfast or lunch in these areas? I have evening work commitments so want to fill the first part of my day with good eats.

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  1. Deerfields Bakery is well above the average suburban bakery.
    If you like Asian food, Downers Grove has outposts of Lao Sze Chuan and Katy's Dumpling House (the latter is low on atmosphere but high on taste).

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      I must second the recommendation of LSC or Katy's. Just to clarify Katy's is in Westmont, just east of DG.

      At Katy's you can't go wrong with the beef noodle soup or pan fried sliced pancake

      @ LSC I would recommend the boiled beef in spicy sze chuan sauce (It is a little heavy on the garlic) or Tony's 3 chili chicken. LSC's hot and sour soup is a vegetarian version

    2. While there are nice places to eat out there, if you have let's call it 3.5 hours free you can take a city adventure on Metra. Let us know, as you could take the train to Union Station. Three minute walk over to French Market in Ogilvy Station or many other places.

      1. There is a wonderful chain of breakfast restaurants called Walker Brothers in the northern suburbs around Deerfield. Everything there is super high quality, including their puffed-up cinnamon-y apple pancake, the omelets, and even the coffee. Their location in Highland Park is just down the street (Deerfield Road in Deerfield becomes Central Street in downtown Highland Park). Or, if you're in the western part of Deerfield, you may be closer to the location in Lincolnshire. Another breakfast option in Deerfield is Eggshell Café. It's decent, but if I were having a week's breakfasts in Deerfield, six of them would be at Walker Brothers. :)

        Deerfield Bakery is only a bakery, not a full-service restaurant, and in my experience is very ordinary, not special at all. If you want a really great bakery nearby, go to Gourmet Frog in Highwood or Three Tarts Bakery in Northfield.

        I can't help you with Downers Grove, sorry. Hopefully others here can.

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          I just realized that you are asking about lunch as well as breakfast in Downers Grove. I can't help with breakfast, but I frequently have lunch in that area. There are a lot of good places for lunch around there!

          My favorite restaurant in the area is Parker's, an upscale restaurant in Downers which specializes in seafood and also has Neopolitan-style pizza.

          In downtown Downers is a grocery called Lemon Tree, and inside the store is an excellent bistro called Zest Bistro. Don't prejudge it for being inside a grocery; it's really really good!

          There's a contemporary Mexican restaurant in Downers called Barbakoa, and it's excellent too. I just had lunch there last week and loved the "torta barbacoa" (short rib sandwich).

          An unusual place for lunch is Waterleaf, which is on the campus of the College of DuPage in nearby Glen Ellyn. The college has a culinary program, but this is a professional restaurant (not student run) and it's excellent.

          Other nearby places I've enjoyed for lunch include:

          Antico Posto (Italian, Oak Brook)
          Glen Prairie (contemporary American, Glen Ellyn)
          Holy Mackerel (seafood, Lombard)
          Kona Grill (Pacific, Lombard)
          Maggiano's (Italian, Oak Brook)
          Meson Sabika (tapas, Naperville)
          Mon Ami Gabi (French bistro, Oak Brook)
          Reel Club (seafood, Oak Brook)
          Tuscany (Italian, Oak Brook)

          All of these except Zest Bistro accept reservations including on