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May 12, 2014 08:28 AM

4 Dinners in Paris

I will be in Paris next week, and am looking for some feedback on my dinner plans. I've used John Talbott's Paris and Paris by Mouth in coming up with these options, so I feel like I'm in good hands already. But would love to hear any additional/recent thoughts.

Saturday - Hoping to find availability at Pirouette (though they said they were already booked when I tried to reserve in advance). If I can't get in here, then I'm thinking of Le Bistrot Valois. (Trying to be near the Louvre this evening, where we will go after dinner, as it is open free and exceptionally late for Museum Night).

Sunday - Little Breizh (need a quick, casual, meal between a concert at St. Chapelle and a night time boat cruise).

Monday - Will go to Pirouette if I can't get in there Saturday. If I can get to Pirouette Saturday, then I can't decide between Bistrot la Bruyere and Le Lulli.

Tuesday - Les Papilles.

Lunches - We don't really plan to do any big sit-down lunches (at least, I'm not going to plan for that in advance, but instead will decide based on where we are at the time and what kind of meal we're in the mood for). I will try to work various market streets into our itinerary, depending on where we are, and then pick and choose whatever looks good on those streets -- Rue Montorgueil, Rue Mouffetard, Blvd. Raspail, Rue Cler.

Any feedback on anything mentioned above would be helpful!

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  1. Since no one has answered let me respond and kick you back to the top. I haven't eaten at any of your choices and can offer nothing. However, we are here with lots of plans and none have worked for various reasons. Be prepared to be flexible. So far, so good!

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    1. re: hychka

      That's because you were using the wrong compasses - "John Talbott's Paris and Paris by Mouth"

      1. re: John Talbott

        At lunch we walked past Mon Vieil Ami in a hard shower to Aux Anysetoers du Roy (good soups as we were underdressed and wet) and for dinner our Metro train broke down at Duroc short of Au Dermier Metro so we bailed to bistro de Breteuil, which has improved their starters. Wish me better luck with CAJ lunch today. Any help for jas80?

        1. re: hychka

          "Bistro de Breteuil"
          Just for the record I had a bland and disappointing meal there in 2008 despite the incredible prices - it "offers a terrific bargain – a 36 € lunch comprised of a kir royal, three courses from a giant menu, a half-bottle of wine (from a list of about ten) and coffee."

    2. From your list, I haven't been to Breizh or the Bistro de Valois but have been a few times to the others and enjoyed them all. You have good variety of choices from "white glove" service at Le Lulli, through two fine representatives of updated bistros, Pirouette and Bistro La Bruyere, to the very casual and friendly, no choice for entree spot, Les Papilles.

      You could combine Les Papilles with a visit to Rue Mouffetard, Pirouettes with Rue Montorgueil and the same with La Bruyere and another good market street, Rue des Martyrs.

      I congratulate you on doing your homework.

      1. Thanks for the feedback so far.

        For those who can compare, is Lulli v. Bruyere basically a coin flip, or is one clearly more worth going to?

        And is Valois even in the same conversation as them?

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        1. re: jas80

          Lulli is clearly the most elegant & good
          Bruyere is terrific too but not as refined an atmosphere
          And Valois is not in the same league but good for what it does.

          1. re: jas80

            John Talbott has it right; another simple way of putting it is Le Lulli is an elegant restaurant whereas La Bruyère is a nice bistro with a good chef/owner.

          2. Thanks for all of the helpful replies. If all goes as planned, I'll shoot for:

            Sat- Pirouette
            Sun- Little Breizh
            Mon- Le Lulli
            Tues- Les Papilles

            Maybe I'll try to sneak Bruyere in there for a lunch one day.

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            1. re: jas80

              Will be interested in your report on Les Papilles. Imho it's nothing special, and I wanted to love it.

              1. re: ChefJune

                LP is what it is. A wine bar that serves an almost never varying set menu (garnished soup. casserole of meat and vegetables usually braised, piece of cheese and panna cotta. It is wildly popular with visitors. Many do not understand the format, i.e., no menu, no wine list, pull off the shelf, thigh-to-thigh seating.

                But it turns away several dozen people an evening. I usually send unadventurous eaters, particularly early in their stay, as a segue into French food.

                After a long hiatus, we returned two weeks ago to find the same table waiting for us, same excellent soup, duck breast in the casserole, goat cheese and apple panna cotta. For us it is going home with no surprises. A night off from razzle dazzle.

                1. re: mangeur

                  Totally agree - a very good summary go the place