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May 12, 2014 08:20 AM

Capital Grille King of Prussia

Since I don't see a lot of postings about the Capital Grille - a relatively small chain with restaurants in Center City and King of Prussia in terms of our area - I wanted to report on our Mother's Day Brunch there yesterday. I realize Mother's Day is probably the busiest day of the year restaurant wise and not the best time to go out. However, I really like Brunch, I hadn't planned early enough in advance to reserve at LaCroix, and the Capital Grille had a very nice menu. We have been to the one in Center City for an anniversary some time ago, and had been to the King of Prussia one for Main Line Restaurant Week several years ago. Both experiences were a treat. Anyway, the restaurant was much more crowded and noisy than we had previously experienced, and the service somewhat slower than usual. But for the $49 per person cost, we had the following: a complementary fruit plate for the table, $7 special brunch drinks, a complementary plate of French Toast with berries, a bread basket, and three courses. I ordered a lobster and crab cake, lobster tail eggs benedict which also came with a side of potatoes and some berries, and for dessert fresh berries and vanilla cream sauce. There was such much food, took the berries home. Accompanying all the entree choices were a selection of two sides for the table - we ordered green beans and creamed spinach since all our entrees also came with potatoes. Coffee, tea, or soda was also included. Another thing that was very nice is that in addition to my Bellini, I had ordered a glass of some type of sparkling wine or champagne. When it arrived, it didn't look the normal color and it turned out to be some type of Rose and too sweet. The waiter took it back when I indicated I didn't like it, and brought me a slightly more expensive glass of something that I did like. The final bill only reflected the cost of the less expensive drink. In addition, the manager came by and stopped at every table, and it was just a lovely experience. I realize that just coming here on a regular occasion results in a significant expenditure - I believe most of the steaks are in the more than $40 range - but it is really a treat. I just wish that people in our area would dress a little better for something as special as Mother's Day brunch. We are not in a resort area, and I think that wearing shorts is pushing things a little bit. But all in all a lovely afternoon and filling enough that we didn't want dinner.

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  1. Great review. I've been to that location before, and while the service has not been too good (slow and not at all refined), I do enjoy the food. The drink list is surprisingly good considering the mall location!

    1. Very nicely done review and I could not agree more with your observation regarding dress. Americans take a hit on this issue worldwide. The reaction by many Americans to this criticism is often as ignorant as their wardrobes. And this goes double for the dress standards here at home (or lack thereof) it is just more obvious abroad.

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      1. It's a very nice location and restaurant. I was there a few months ago for a mid-week business dinner with a group and we were exceptionally well taken care of in every aspect of service, the food was very good, all in all no complaints whatsoever. Definitely my number one choice in the KoP area.

        1. Sounds a whole lot better than its neighbor, Ruth's Chris.

          1. Haven't posted in a while, but wanted to join in on this conversation.
            My wife and I visited CG on a Monday night and chose to sit at a high top in the bar since we knew we would be sharing a meal.

            We enjoyed a terrific spinach salad and a perfectly cooked medium rare Porterhouse ($48).

            That's the good news.

            Bad news? The runner brought the steak out while we were still on the salad, disappeared, then our very wonderful server, under obvious pressure asked to clear our salad plates, when we were not quite finished.

            After finishing our excellent meal, we explained to our server we were not expecting to be treated as if we were at a TGIF's.

            She took our concern seriously and insisted we speak to her manager who was most sincere.

            Good news?

            We were comped for the salad and drink, and made to feel they knew they had screwed up with the fast service

            Have been there five times and appreciated the management concern.

            CG is expensive, but it is the best steak house in the KOP area, much better than Ruth Chris, Morton's or Sullivan's.