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May 12, 2014 07:55 AM

Montreal - August 2014

My boyfriend and I will be in Montreal for 3 nights early August: one Friday and Saturday and a week later on a Monday.

I've done some research and read older posts, but would love to get your opinions on my plan:

- Friday evening, dinner at Hotel Herman
- Saturday evening, dinner at Chez l'Epicier or Garde-manger?
- Monday evening, dinner at Au 5eme Peche

Would al-fresco dining be an option at that time of the year, and if so what are the best options for great food and outdoor space?

Any other recommendations, maybe other types of cuisine, that are not to be missed while in Montreal?

Thank you!

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  1. In august, I would check for summer closings (vacations).

    For an "al fresco" (piknic?) I'd get a basket at "Triple Crown Dinette"
    or go to Jean-Talon Market and assemble your own lunch and eat in nearby Parc Jarry.

    1. I'd be more concerned with booking your accommodation if you haven't already. Osheaga and Heavy Montreal are the first 2 wkends of August; last year Osheaga attracted over 40,000 tourists.

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        Yes, but how many of them were in hotels versus couch-surfing? I'm guessing the decent hotels still have plenty of space at this point. Although I could be wrong.

      2. Our hotel is booked, thanks! What about the food options though? :-)