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May 12, 2014 07:34 AM

Cerrito's Pupuseria, Rte 50, Chantilly (South Riding)

I finally tried this place I've been looking at since it was converted from BJ's Crab Shack into a Peruvian eatery. They got the place painted this week so I figured business must be good.

I went on a Saturday evening to get takeout for the family. I was the only non-Latino in the place. The menu is on the wall, with pictures. NB: the pupusas are much bigger than you might expect.

I tried the five pupusas (cheese, bean and cheese, pork and cheese, zucchini and cheese, and the "loca" (everything)), tacos (beef and chicken, saved the tongue for another visit), plus some sides of rice and beans.

The pupusas and tacos are $2.10 each, come with a side of tangy homemade slaw (includes sliced jalapenos for a nice kick), and are HUGE. I should have told the ladies who helped me order that it was just for me, Mrs. W., and the two kids, because I way way overordered. One pupusa plus slaw is a meal. For $2.10! So we have another meal for me and Mrs. W, plus lunches for us both as well.

The zucchini and cheese pupusa, the steak taco, the slaw, and the rice and beans (likely made with a generous amount of lard) were the standouts. But everything was good.

Most of the people dining in had the dinner platters, which looked massive. They are in the 12-15$ range.

This place basically feeds the local laborers, of which there are a lot, so the food is filling and cheap, but given how bland the restaurant offerings generally are around here, this is a nice place for the resto of us to have as well.

The ladies who helped me were very nice, and they got a huge kick out of me too.

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  1. Soudns like you ordered a massive amount of food. Was the chicken shredded with a sauce or in chunks?

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    1. re: Steve

      Way too much food. I think the fact that they gave me six forks was an indication. 8<D

      The chicken in the tacos was in chunks, looked like it had been marinated in something reddish/orangey, but it was not hot. Each item came with two little cups of hot sauce that was at a decent heat level.

      I would say that one of the platters looked like it would be a good meal for two people, for about $6/7 pp. The platters looked to feature shrimp and steak, there might have been one with fish too. I'm attaching a pic of the menu; looks like there is tripe soup for the even more adventurous.

    2. Thanks for the report, I drove by this place and had been wondering about it!