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May 12, 2014 06:55 AM

Friday Harbor...Updates?

Tripper about 21 hours ago

We are visiting the great state of Washington in early June and after a few days in Seattle, we are moving on to Friday Harbor for a week. Searched the board for updates on dining there and didn't find anything recent. Anyone with suggestions for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Reviews from past years listed Duck Soup, Coho, Mike's Wine Bar and the BBQ Shack as good options. Any help is appreciated!

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  1. You've done your homework well, Grasshopper. You will need reservations in advance for Duck Soup. Coho may be seasonally closed; check in advance. Also for your short list:

    Friday's Crab House (outstanding seafood and crab cakes)
    Vic's drive in for greasy, wonderful burgers
    McMillin's at the Inn at Roche Harbor. (A not too far drive from Friday Harbor. Hey, it's a small island!)
    Between Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor you can stop at several Oyster farms and buy your fresh oysters as they are picked. A true San Juan Island experience.
    Enjoy a wonderful Pacific Northwest experience.

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      Thanks for your help. We made a reservation at Duck Soup...the highlight of our trip! Excellent food, good service and a wonderful atmosphere.