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May 12, 2014 06:53 AM

Fresh produce and Farmer's Markets

We'll be at a house on Flying Point Road near Freeport from June 28-July 26. What local produce can I expect to find in that area? Also is
there a "season" on lobster or can I get them year round? We are really looking forward to our stay there, out of the South Texas heat!!
Thanks 'hounds, for any info.

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  1. Great area! you'll be real close to wolfs neck state park so check that out. Here's a link to the local farmers market:

    There used to be one on the pleasant hill road on saturday but there is no mention on the website so maybe it is gone now.

    There is no season for lobster, its sold year round and gets cheaper in the summer. I usually go to this place to buy it cause the prices are pretty good...

    I live in portland so I go to the farmers market in deering oaks park there which is awesome. But the winter market in brunsick is actually better than the one in portland, even though portland is a much bigger town.

    As far as produce goes. By that time of year there is going to be tons of fresh produce to choose from.