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May 12, 2014 06:39 AM

Food Truck

I went to visit the Das Food truck for Mothers Day. I have wanted for ages to try a food truck and indeed the food was delicious but I had a thought. Here was the truck with not much in the way of foot traffic and yet he had to park on one of the streets away from the lovely square.

Why can't the food trucks operate in an area where they all set up as a destination/ recreation so a family or friends can make going for a lunch especially on the summer weekends in Montreal (most of us go up north or to eastern townships...)a destination where they know people will be willing to come. And get to try all the delights of any food they
want from any of the trucks they want.
That way the trucks are assured of foot traffic, people get to know the trucks, it is a destination to go and have fun; where tables can be placed and another outdoor foodcentric destination could be born.

That was our discussion on the way home. Has it ever been thought of and would the city give up one of its many fun places to house these trucks?

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  1. First Friday of the month at the esplanade of the Olympic Stadium.

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    1. re: EaterBob

      I am talking weekends ie Sat, Sun. Not a one time deal-

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        there are food truck events all through out the summer. for example, you can often find 5 - 10 trucks at place emilie gamelin during events. not to mention that the trucks are almost permanently at pds from jazz fest on.

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          Apparently they think it is more profitable to be spread out over the city. If you want to know where they are on any specific day, try this:

      2. I don't know if the city wants to organize these food truck rallies because they get no income and only expenses.

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          Eater thank you. Marblebag I am not talking rallies I am saying why not have them autmatically set up for the weekend in an area where all trucks are so the trucks become the destination which will bring people and wherever people are the street actors will follow. Makes for a nice afternoon with the kids or without

          1. re: blondee_47

            The trucks are still in "testing mode" and I think that they (the power that be) do not want to have more than a few (1?) truck at the same place except for special occasions (festivals, ... )

            1. re: Maximilien

              IMHO once the city is allowing trucks and this year increased the number then it is illogical to dictate that they remain on single streets. The only people who can take advatage of them during the week are workers which is where the bread and butter (so to speak) is made. On the other hand when the weekend hits the city should be pleased it adds one more 'Montreal thing' to do and that is attend the food truck shouldn't just exist at fetes although they should attend fests.

        2. I agree with you, though I think others are correct about the city trying to limit the number of food trucks in an area (to satisfy nearby restaurants). They cannot just set up in the most lucrative spot and poach customers from tax-paying restaurants (or so the story goes).

          But That being said, the first Friday of every month has the Olympic stadium gathering, and last year almost every food truck spent the full two weeks of Just for Laughs in Quartier des Spectacles. Maybe they'll do the same again this year?? There were also large gatherings at Atwater market, some music festivals, the canal, etc. I suspect that it is not very profitable to leave densely populated Montreal to go into the townships (especially given gas prices) for an afternoon. Also I think they haven't been approved in other municipalities. Hell they're not even allowed in the plateau!

          1. if its like last year and the year before, they are going to set up shop next to the quartier des spectacles for the just for laughs fest for 2 weeks. i think its called the bouffons fest

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              Festivals are great. Outside of the festivals, if I were to have a truck which I don't, I certainly would love to be able to set up and create a food festival park so that rather than sit at a street given to me for the day with little foot traffic I think the destination would create the foot traffic. If such a spot were created I think most people would make the destination; having to follow a particular truck for a particular time is time consuming. I think Montreal should re-think the other weekends in the summer.

              Plus the fact that Boroughs are not open or welcoming to the Food truck craze leaves those people out of the loop of enjoying what is now a new phase for Montreal's street food scene....Just saying....I support the trucks but it makes it hard to financially support them with the way this is being run now.

            2. It's because the Montreal food truck rules are assinine due to the restaurant associations lobbying against them. That's why there are such draconian restrictions.

              Want a NYC style hot dog cart in Montreal?.... never going to happen.

              stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid....

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              1. re: Zalbar

                hot dog carts aren't so great. they're everywhere in toronto and none are good.