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May 12, 2014 06:17 AM

Need guidance, Chowhounder staying at Geary and Farrell [San Francisco]

We will be on east coast time the day of arrival so we will welcome a long walk (2-3 miles) and an early dinner. Here are suggestions culled from SF food blogs and Chowhound: nopa, Bar Crudo and Piperade. Any strong opinions about any of these? Appreciative of other suggestions as well. Many thanks!

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  1. Geary and O'Farrell are two streets that run parallel to each other. Do you know the nearest cross street or address of your hotel?

    If you are in the Union Square area, Nopa and Bar Crudo are quite a hike.

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      According to Google maps, the walking distance from Union Square to Nopa or Bar Crudo is 2.3 miles, smack in the middle of the 2-3 miles the OP is looking for, and the terrain isn't particularly daunting. The greater challenge will be to find the most pleasant route.

      1. re: DavidT

        Sorry, viewed a small map and difficult to discern streets. We are near Geary and Hyde. Do you have some recommendations?

        1. re: jay seigle

          Both Nopa and Bar Crudo are held in high regard.

          1. re: jay seigle

            As noted here it's probably not going to be a particularly nice stroll if you pick somewhere 2-3 miles to the west-southwest. The first half-mile or so is going to take you through the middle of the Tenderloin grunge and after that, picking a good route is a bit tricky. If you go down Geary (a major thoroughfare) it'll feel unpleasantly full of cars. Avoid it by taking, say, Fulton, and it'll be quieter, but you'll have to hike up the Alamo Square hill. Not the steepest hill in the city, but out-of-towners might not be used to it.

            The walk to Piperade is more interesting for a tourist IMO - it'll take you through Chinatown/North Beach and close to the waterfront. It'll be a less daunting introduction on your first night in the city.

            1. re: bigwheel042

              Yeah, heading east and/or north is more scenic. Cotogna's another good option out that way and if you're eating early enough you might actually be able to get a reservation.

              1. re: bigwheel042

                Excellent suggestion - and we have an early reservation at Piperade, full report when I return. Thanks so much, looking forward to a serious walk in your beautiful city!