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May 12, 2014 06:01 AM

Tallulah's Taqueria, Fox Point Providence

I went to Tallulah's Taqueria for take-out yesterday-- they are still in their "soft opening" phase.

I had the black bean taco, the carnitas taco and the chicken taco. I probably should have stopped at two, but in the interests of research, I persevered. I'm glad I did, because the chicken was my favorite: smoky, tender, flavorful chicken, with a fresh crunch from pickled radishes and a nice salsa verde.

The carnitas taco was pretty greasy, but not in an un-delicious way. It's just not first-date clean-shirt food. I was surprised that the black bean taco included rice, but it was tasty. In fact, it was still good the next morning, cold from the fridge-- a fate no taco deserves.

My only real critique is that there was too much filling in each taco-- they were all ungainly to eat. They are hefty for tacos-- big hungry guys could probably down three or more, but I could have been done at two.

The shop itself is gorgeous-- clean, modern, no-nonsense design. Great crisp colors (safety orange, faint pale blue) and honest materials (live edge wooden bar, galvanized steel, cement block).

The food and the interior both agree: this is a confident place that cares about quality, attention to detail, and satisfying, no-fuss excellence.

Highly recommended.

Soft opening details (from a sign posted in the restaurant):

Thursday to Sunday
11am to 8pm
May 8 through May 26

Grand opening May 29 11am

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  1. I've been there twice since the soft opening and love it. Jake and Kelly Ann, the co-owners, are tremendous people. Really excited to have them in Providence.

    1. Thank you and soze45 for the great early reports! Can't wait to try it.

      1. Thank you for this----can't wait!

        1. We've been enjoying Jake's tacos for a few years now - at our farmers market and the Shack in Jamestown. So happy to have a year-round spot to get our fix.

          And speaking of, does anyone know if their spot in Dutch Harbor is open yet for the season?

          1. Having trouble tracking down a menu online. Are there vege options?

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            1. re: Garris

              I think the black bean taco was vegan. They may have more choices now-- I think they're slowly expanding their menu during their soft open.

              It's worth a call to check. I think this is their number:
              (401) 272-8226