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May 11, 2014 08:37 PM

Trencher in Echo Park has potential!

Got out of work late last week, hungry, and nowhere to stop on the way home- Guisados was 20 deep out the door, Masa was on a wait, Señor Fish is terrible... and up pops Trencher, on the side of the newly renovated (no more dirt floors!) Little Joy.
Cool little sandwich shop with interesting choices. I had a brisket sandwich that was comfort-food-plus. Had a killer gravy, and a sweetness from parsnip puree and pickled red onions. Just-barely-wilted kale added some bite, and melted swiss made sure I wasn't being too healthy with that kale bit. All on grilled sourdough.
Check this place out people- I think they have serious potential. Now, if I could only get them to recreate the meatball sub at All About the Bread I'd never have to leave the 'hood...

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  1. Thanks for the report. I saw them driving down Sunset on my way to Ricky's and was curious.

    1. How's the burger/corned beef? It seems you enjoyed the brisket...

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      1. re: TonyC

        So far I've had the brisket, the pulled pork, and the fried chicken sandwich.
        All were very good, though I will say there is a fair size difference between the sandwiches on sliced bread like the brisket ($10) and the chicken and pork ($8.50) which are served on a bun.

      2. Good potato salad. Nice and garlicky.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          was your potato salad a tad undercooked when you tried it? I thought the flavors were excellent but the taters themselves could've used another 2 minutes in the boil.

        2. Good find on my todo list!