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May 11, 2014 08:30 PM

Grumpy White's...what's going on?

After a 25 minute wait to be seated (with plenty of open tables outside), a full 50 minutes for our burgers to arrive (which were not cooked medium rare but arrived well done and wrong burgers)....we were told by very apologetic waitress that kitchen was 45 minutes behind due to takeout orders.

Why do restaurant patrons have to suffer and play second fiddle to take out? If you can't handle the volume then stop taking phone orders! Three tables walked out. Last time I got expensive steak tips, no char and it was like they were boiled...
I was a regular here for years but won't be back...

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  1. Did you complain to the management?

    1. I have never been a big fan of Grumpys but I do like their lobster roll. That said I wouldn't wait 25 minutes to be seated. The service at the tables has always been inattentive so if I want that roll we go during an off time and sit at the bar. At least at the bar you're able to get some attention.

      1. That's weird. Last time we went to Grumpy's there was a bit of a wait because the dining room was full (it was a Saturday night), but we expected that. Nothing overly long, though.

        1. Went for lunch today with the plan of getting a lobster roll and a side of onion rings. Anyone who goes know that even though the menu literally says No onion rings they will make them but only as a side order. No substitutions. Rules, rules, rules. Well now there back to NO onion rings and they have taken prime rib off the menu which has a lot of people complaining. I was telling the bartender about this post and she agreed the kitchen can't keep up with the take out orders and it's impacting the in-house diners. With the good weather I guess I'll just skip Grumpys and head to Tonys or the Clam Box. Definitely difficult to figure out Grumpys business plan if in fact they have one.

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            I think the story goes, the son took over, and of course he's smarter than the father. Well, look at them now. I also like their lobster roll, be that's about it. Mixed drinks are horrible. Service is casual to say the least and no onion rings to boot. Yikes!
            Used to Enjoy (but now, not so much),

            1. re: CocoDan

              Ahh I didn't realize the son took it over I guess because I saw Bob. The no onion ring thing is annoying and does make a difference when it comes to whether or not I want to dine there. Lobster rolls are easy enough to make at home.

          2. I didn't know the son took it over either. But surprised to hear that takeout orders are taking precedent over in-house diners. The food at Grumpy's isn't that great , I can't even imagine ordering it to go or for pickup.