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May 11, 2014 07:12 PM

Visiting for 40th birthday with kids

Looking for some restaurant suggestions. We will be in town for my birthday (Memorial Day) and it's my big four-oh. We will have my nine and six year old girls in tow. I'm a big foodie and want to have a great meal to celebrate, but also need the place to allow children. They have been to some pretty fancy meals in NYC before, aren't too fussy and will behave in a fancy setting. We are staying at the Hyatt Place downtown. Help!

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  1. Congrats on achieving another landmark (and most enjoyable) decade, trumbullady! The four-oh is not terminal - trust me!

    Toulouse Petit has a really good breakfast happy hour that is tough to beat. Paseo's and Salumi (Salumi is owned and operated by Mario Batali's dad) crank out some delicious sandwiches at lunch. Go early or call in your order to avoid long lines.

    Pike Place Market offers the Athenian Inn and Lowell's for breakfast and lunch. Food is unremarkable, but the views of Puget Sound are killer and your girls will get a kick out of watching the Washington State ferries criss-crossing Puget Sound.

    A word of advice. We are now officially in cruise ship season and The Market and every food establishment becomes more than busy. Make dinner reservations soon to avoid a long child challenging wait!

    Happy Birthday. Let us know where you end up for your birthday dinner and other exploits! Enjoy your visit!

    1. Because it's a milestone birthday, I think you should go somewhat upscale for your birthday dinner. There aren't really any restaurants in town that are too stuffy to allow children. I would just steer clear of places that primarily offer a multi-course meal (e.g. Canlis or Altura) since your daughters probably wouldn't have the appetite for that.

      If you're dead set on staying Downtown, I'd recommend Matt's in the Market, Tulio, or maybe the Georgian. All three of those offer a la carte options. The Georgian would be a little bit more formal than the first two.

      If you're willing to venture out a short distance by taxi, my best recommendations would be Book Bindery, Spinasse, and Lark. I think any of those six options would be fine dining without breaking the bank.

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        the georgian has the most beautiful dining room in seattle according to me - but the food is $$$ and fairly pedestrian. i've never had *bad* food there, i've just never had anything more than OK. try rockcreek in fremont. best meal i've had in seattle in a long, long time, similar price point to lark, BEAUTIFUL ambience, including a patio in summer months.