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May 11, 2014 07:08 PM

Monique's Chocolates, Palo Alto - any reports?

Monique's Chocolates is in Palo Alto, read on Yelp they will be closing June 15, has anyone been?

Monique's Chocolates
539 Bryant St, Palo Alto

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  1. Went years ago, not great, never went back.

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    1. re: mdg

      Too pricey to buy on a regular basis, not good enough to buy for special occasions.

    2. Went years ago, not great, never went bck.

      1. I like their gianduja hot and iced chocolate, but don't care for their chocolates. If you're into trying 60% v 75% v 81% (etc.) chocolate from various locations in truffle form, it might be worth trying.