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May 11, 2014 06:34 PM

Guglielmo Winery, Morgan Hill served their wines to President Obama & guests

Read in the SJ Mercury Newspaper that Guglielmo Winery served their wines to President Obama & guests when he stayed at the Fairmont Hotel, SJ last Thurs 5/8/14.

Wines were:
Guglielmo 2012 Private Reserve Pinot Grigio and 2010 Private Reserve Pinot Noir. Several of the winery's TRE label wines were offered too.

Article mentioned in their tasting room they will be offering a "Presidential Special" on the pinot grigio & pinot noir through end of May.

Anyone try their wines?

Guglielmo Winery
1480 E. Main Ave, Morgan Hill

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  1. Back in ancient times, I did visit the winery and felt the Petite Sirah was the best wine on offer. Looking at its website, I see that it has Charbono. Will have to seek it out. And funny that this is in the news now . . . the weekend before I spotted a bottle of the Cabernet at a party but I did not taste it. Now I wish I'd taken the opportunity.

    1. Huh, never heard of it before. Given that it was a fundraiser the selection may have had considerations other than the quality of the wines. Here's an article, reads more like it was written by a PR person than a reporter:

      Per Sullivan's "A Companion to California Wines," the same family has owned it since they built the winery in 1934, right after Repeal.