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May 11, 2014 05:50 PM

Mole paste or sauce

Does anyone know if any of the local Mexican markets carry homemade mole sauce or paste?

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    Been going there ever since that article, they have red, green and black. Not all are always on hand, but they are all fantastic.

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      Hey, thanks, getgot211! I figured someone had to be making it, locally. I didn't save the link, but what follows is how someone here on Chowhound is "fixing" the commercially prepared, jarred sauce. Do you have any thoughts on fixing / mixing the paste?

      "You can use as much of the paste that you need and store the rest covered in the fridge. It will last a long time. Now for the recipe, don't follow the instructions on the jar. Use 1 part mole paste, 2 parts tomato puree, 2 parts chicken broth or water, 1/4 part bittersweet chocolate shavings, 1/4 part sugar. You should add the chocolate shavings to the paste and only 1 part of the liquid and start stiring over low heat to make sure the chocolate melts and also the paste doesn't make many lumps. Add more of the liquid little by little until all the solids have disolved. The consistency should be that of a thick liquid, almost like hot fudge or maybe thinner. Keep in mind that it thickens as it cools down. Great on chichen, enchiladas, rice and, believe it or not, on your eggs for breakfast. By the way, Dona Maria is as far as I know the best commercial brand in the market. Enjoy."

      1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

        I tried La Alborada Market Mole and didn't think it was great. I had just returned from Oaxaca so I may have been jaded. The fixing looks interesting but I think that there is to much sugar added. I don't like Moles that are sweet.

    2. There's a place in midtown global market that serves a delicious chicken mole, but I don't know if they'd sell just the sauce. We like it cuz of the great flavor not overwhelmed with sweetness.

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        I think you're talking about Salsa a la Salsa and, yes, you can buy their mole.

      2. Homi on University. They may sell you some if you ask.

        1. I bought some mole paste (consistency was like super dark brown sugar) at El Burrito Mercado in St. Paul. It was made in house, and was on special over by the meat counter. Mixed with broth and it made a super thick sauce for no effort. Only downside is I don't know if they sell it regularly, but definitely worth a call.

          1. El Burrito Mercado has it, but I haven't tasted theirs.