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May 11, 2014 04:19 PM

Where do you eat in Lawrence?

We go to Lawrence from KC once a month or so. Usually, we have burgers at the Casbah which are good value, but not the most charming location. My husband like the beer selection.

When we are flush, we go to 715 for Italian food. The few times we've gone, we've been pretty happy with the food and ambiance. Although, I think servers have neglected to tell us specials or happy hour menus and what not.

Yesterday we tried Limestone Pizza. We were very happy with the chew of the dough, and thought the fries were spectacular.

Where do you go in Lawrence?

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  1. It's hard for me to go anywhere but Free State Brewery. Great beer and pretty good food.

    Zen Zero is cool with really good food.

    Not everyone's favorite, but I like to hang out in Jefferson's. Nice folks and the buffalo oysters are pretty good.

    1. Since the wife loves Greek, we often find ourselves at the Mad Greek. I could eat the apps alone.
      I also enjoy Jeffersons for oysters.
      715 is good, but too noisy most of the time for my wife.
      I am looking forward to giving Limestone a try. I understand we are getting a location in Topeka.
      Terrebonne is great if you like Cajun.( I love it, but my wife does not) I haven't been in a while, but try to hit it if I am in Lawrence on my own.

      1. Free State Brewery has great food and beer..
        Quinton's for great sandwiches.
        Oread Hotel bar dining has good food and drink, roof top bar and the restaurant downstairs.
        Country Club for brunch.

        When flying into KC, OK Joe's gas station location is da bomb for BBQ!

        1. I recently had a very good fried oyster poboy at Terrebonne, simple and delicious. I moved from Lawrence to Overland Park almost ten years ago (whoa .... time flies). And so I've not been to all the newer places in larryville.

          Free State Brewery is a quality place, very well run and has excellent beer and consistently good food. I usually try to stop at Wheatfields, also owned by Chuck Magerl (well, last I knew anyway) for a delicious pastry and loaf of bread, the bread is wonderful.

          And my favorite is El Matador, because I don't know, I just like it. I've probably eaten there 100 times, actually most likely more. I like the way they do beans. I like the owners, a sweet family. They make great pico de gallo when tomatoes are in season. As far as I can tell they use approximately 5 ingredients. The service on weekend nights can be comically awful, possibly because Little Joe likes to hire incompetent teenage waitresses. But I still drive to Lawrence just to go there.