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May 11, 2014 04:04 PM

Pre-theatre in Dalston, post theatre near Barbican

Hi London Hounds,
Looking for dinner before a show at the Arcola. I'd prefer to make our way to the theatre first and then eat somewhere around there. Anything chowish in Dalston? I'm open to anything, but would prefer less expensive. We already have Lebanese and Turkish for other meals that week, so perhaps something different. (Though another night of either wouldn't bring about a complaint.) I'd be particularly happy for a good Indian place.

I'm also looking for a post-theatre dinner around the Barbican. I'd prefer nearby since we'll be hungry, but I'd also be willing to take a quick taxi or Tube ride.

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  1. the Mangal on Arcola Street (pretty much directly opposite the Theatre I believe) still remains IMO one of the best Turkish in London. Always busy but get there early and you should be fine. haven't been for a year or so, but the quality was always good over the past 10 years i've been frequenting the joint. A mixed Grill with Quail and a starter between 2 is usually more than enough. The Bread is great. Very good value overall.

    As for Barbican - I do like Pham Sushi on Whitecross street for good price v quality Sushi. I don't usually go for bastardised versions of sushi but do try the Crunchy Tuna Roll. It's a short walk from Barbican. There are other places on Whitecross street that i havent been to but perhaps others can vouch for.

    1. Very close to the Barbican centre is the Jugged Hare, which is good and does a post theatre menu. You're also not far maybe a 10 min walk, from St. John or Bistro Bruno Loubet.

      1. Mangal is great, but if you want something other than Turkish, there's a new Italian called Rotorino near by, which has had great reviews. Salvation in Noodles is also new, and also near by, and Huong Viet on Englefield Road is great for Vietnamese, and really inexpensive. Breddo's Tacos are doing a residency at Trip Space Kitchen in Haggerston that is also supposed to be good.

        1. Thanks much for these suggestions. I really appreciate it.

          1. Sedap near Old Street for post theatre.