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May 11, 2014 02:31 PM

Vegan pre-mix pancakes: a recipe quest

Hi all,
I am catering a 3-day gathering for between 30-50 people at a place with a pretty good catering/kitchen set-up.

One thing I'd like to offer as a breakfast option (alongside many other dishes) is a DIY pancake station. My idea is to mix up a huge batch of dry ingredients in advance, divide this up between many bottles (in portions of, e.g "8 pancakes per bottle"), and then stick instructions on the sides of the bottles (e.g "add 200ml water, 100ml oil, shake briefly").

The thing is that, due to food restrictions in the crowd attending, I would love for these to be
a) vegan,
b) soy-free, and
c) as simple as "add water and/or oil to dry ingredients, shake".

This recipe looks like a great pre-mix pancakes for many recipe:

But it involves dried milk powder. I know that dried soy milk powder is around if I look for it, but does anyone know of a good non-soy "milk powder" substitute that would work for a recipe like this? I expect it is there to add creamyness & thickness to the batter, but I haven't been able to think of any substitutes.

Alternatively, does anyone know a really good vegan pancake recipe that works with a straightforward "dry ingredients + wet ingredients, shake" process? Most of the good vegan pancake recipes I know of use things like "flax seed eggs", which need to be mixed up wet, set aside, then added to the batter- too complicated for a DIY set-up.

Any ideas much appreciated, and I'll post back with my results once I've done some test batches!

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    1. Powdered rice milk

      Coconut milk powder

      Try a batch with just water, there may not be a noticable difference.

      And IMO the shake and pour and cook leave a LOT of room for user error....which could be interpreted as "these pancakes are horrible".....

      Would it be possible to premake vegan soy free waffles and they for the DIY aspect they just toast them in a toaster or toaster oven and do toppings?