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Russo's organic produce

I was at Russo's last week and noticed on the way out that they now have an organic section with excellent price points that are lower than the competition. The quality looked good, but I haven't tried the produce yet. What are others' experience?

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  1. I got swiss chard and tuscan kale, thought they were very good. Was disappointed they didn't have organic berries or asparagus. The kale looked a bit wilted but revived with some cold water soaking.

    1. This is great news.....I'll have to check them out!

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        when i was there, two weeks ago, I think, the organic produce was grouped together in the outside "pavilion" where the bushels of apples and root vegetables are congregated, before you go inside.

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        Amount of produce in the organic section has expanded in the past couple of weeks. Amazingly, the prices of some of the organic stuff is no higher than the conventional versions inside the store.

        1. I've tried the dinosaur kale, Gala apples, sweet peppers and lettuce. All were up to the standard I expect from Russo's and I'm thrilled that they're carrying more organic! I'm so tempted to buy more than I need just to positively reinforce them!

          1. It's all been good, what I've purchased. And the prices are much lower than Shaw's & Whole Foods.

            1. I love Russos and everything they sell but I noticed today at Wegmans that they have a very large organic produce section and lots of organic berries.

              1. I was there today. They had a good selection of organic berries - raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. The raspberries and blackberries were not too much more expensive than non-organic and the quality was good. The strawberries were the same price as at Whole Foods right now. The blueberries were in a half pint container and were pretty expensive. I've also gotten the organic kale, lettuce and pepper they've all been good.

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                  In fairness, blueberries have been super expensive everywhere the last few weeks. Shortage, a la the lime shortage?

                2. I shop at Russo's weekly if not more often. Their organic produce section has been growing slowly in size over the past 4-6 weeks. Have bought chard, kale, celery heart, pears, apples, and various berries (blue/black/rasp). Like their produce in general, it depends on when the produce is harvested and shipped. Have gotten very fresh chard & kale, but other times I found them limp (so passed on them). Apples only 1 kind and were a bit old. Pears & berries are just fine.

                  Only wish they had organic asian veggies like bok choy, yu choy! Or organic spinach!

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                    They do! I got organic Bok Choy there last week. Maybe its a timing thing.