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May 11, 2014 01:52 PM

Metzy's Taqueria Truck on Plum Island.

I noticed on the Boston Food Truck Blog that this truck was going to be on Plum Island and not living that far I went to check it out today, and very glad that I did.

Not much to add from what's written in the blog link other than I can't wait to go back. Friendly crew of people working there, and you can also follow them on Facebook.

We had the fish taco and the black bean and sweet potato taco. Fish taco was the best I can remember having around here in a long time, and the black bean and sweet potato fritter taco is what I know I'll go back there for.

I'm very happy to have this taqueria food truck so close to home, and wish them well.

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  1. Well awwwwright!! We are on Plum Island all summer, and though there are only a few choices (Mad Martha's, PIG, Bob Lob, and the Coma) I have never felt like we needed anything else. But this is great news, because if anything at all *would* be needed - it just might be a taco truck! I hope they are sticking around for the summer! :)

    1. After a quick stop at the Newburyport Farmers Market today I headed over to Plum Island for some tacos.

      They ran out of corn tortillas early this afternoon, but the tacos were great again, and the speed of the line has improved.

      1. No lines this afternoon. Excellent fish and grilled shrimp tacos. I cannot believe how much better they are than the "fish tacos" (in quotes on purpose) from Bob's just down the road. The grill flavor on the shrimp really stood out- those would be my recommendation. The owner was really friendly and standing out front taking orders. He told me they're trying to get open for regular dinner hours, but are currently open til 3 weekdays and til 7pm Fri/Sat. Worth a trip if you're in the area, and maybe even if you're not!

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          I have not had a "fish taco" at Bob's - but then again, of all the delights to choose from at Bob Lobster - where indeed some of the best fried clams and scallops available on the North Shore are served, it is unlikely I ever would. That said, the fish tacos at Metzy are truly delicious! I am so happy they have set up shop. :)

          1. re: Small Plates

            how exciting! is the fish grilled or fried and do you happen to know what kind of fish? We had some at The Deck in the Marina recently (have you tried those?)and we're thinking of going there again, but wondering what's best to order......

            And we've never eaten at Bob's. Do you think their fried clams are as good as The Clam Box? thx!

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Metzy's fish taco is made with fried cod.

              I've never had them at The Deck so I can't compare them.

              Bob Lobster fried clams are excellent. As good as the Clam Box is a matter of opinion, and there are plenty of those to go around.

              You also have a friend who says Park Lunch is good place for fried clams so why not check Park Lunch out too. You may decide for yourself if Park Lunch is a place worth suggesting or not for visitors.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                I think Bob Lobster clams are excellent. Since I will not stand in the Clam Box line, I have no means of comparison - there are far too many other choices where the product is delicious. In Ipswich, my choice is the Choate Bridge. But in the summer, since we are on Plum Island, I look no further than Bob Lobster because they are SUPER-fine! :) (The scallops are pretty special too - in fact the BEST I've ever eaten.) :)

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  I thought the fried clams were good at Bob's, and no, I would not have ordered the fish tacos- that would be my mom who then complained about every aspect of them that I warned her about (ie- flour tacos, bad sign. Couldn't state what type of sauce was used, bad sign, sigh...). As to whether the clams equal the Clam Box, I would say similar. I like the place across the street from Woodman's for clams, but in my opinion nothing beats Neptune's fried clams. Not the same atmosphere, obviously but they're my gold standard for deliciousness. Other than the clams, though, Bob Lobster was a bit disappointing. Fish and chips kind of greasy, slaw really mushy and gross, fries completely unseasoned, and the tacos were as mentioned before pretty poor.

                  1. re: Parsnipity

                    Sounds like you had the unusual bad day at Bob's. We have been going religiously for years and have never had anything mushy. The slaw is always fresh with a nice cold crunch, and the fries and fish and shellfish fried to perfection. Too bad for you - I hope you try it again, because that experience was clearly an anomaly. :)