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May 11, 2014 01:40 PM

Duck legs dry-brined, now what?

I'm preparing Fergus Henderson's simple, sublime preparation of duck legs on a bed of carrots but decided to brine the legs first (which the recipe does not require) to ensure crispy skin. Four tablespoons of salt for four pounds of meat, dry-brined for two days. Now: do I rinse and pat the legs dry before proceedings with the recipe? If not, how can so much salt not result in an overly salty dish? If I don't have to rinse, should I nevertheless omit adding the salt from the recipe?

I don't rinse off the dry-brined chicken for Judy Rodgers' Zuni chicken, but the amount of salt here seems very large.

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  1. I would rinse, pat dry, and then air dry for part of a day.

    1. I don't rinse off my dry brine when cooking steaks. A large amount of the salt that was on the surface should have penetrated into the meat by that point.

      1. I'd rinse it off, pat dry with paper towels, and dry 24 hours in the fridge on a rack.