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May 11, 2014 12:39 PM

Driving by Naples... Where to stop to have a great lunch (pizza!) before heading to positano...

We will be coming from tuscany and going to positano... We dont want to visit all of naples, but just stop by to sample their pizza! Where should we go??? Probably the only time we will be in Naples for a long time.

Thank you so much!

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  1. are you travelling by car or train?

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    1. re: jen kalb

      By car!!! Sorry it was not really clear...

    2. when will you be traveling?

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          Well I would go to Da Michelle for pizza, but I would in no way attempt to drive in Naples itself. I would park at the airport or train station and take a taxi.

          And I assume you have read all the cautionary tales about driving on the Amalfi Coast and the parking issues.

          1. re: ekc

            Thank you! Any suggestions to a place were i could go with the car? Maybe a bit outside the center?

            For the amalfi coast, i consider myself a good driver and we have a parking reserved for us, so i think we should be fine...

      1. Da Michele is great for a quick stop. I have walked there from the train station (where you could park more easily) and it took about 15 min. Get there before 12:30 or there will be a long line.

        If you decide to skip Naples and head straight to Positano, Covo dei Sarceni makes excellent pizza.

        1. Driving in Naples will not be easy. What about having your pizza fix in Tramonti, a town in the hills above the Amalfi Coast, famous as the home of many renowned pizzaoli. An option there would be Vaccaro.

          Or you could make a stop in Vico Equense and try Pizza A Metro. (I've not been there, but it receives good reports)

          These should both offer Naples-style pizza.

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            I agree that driving into Naples simply for pizza is not a good idea - Naples is a great city to visit but not to drive it - the pizza is really a regional product not limited to the city. Supposedly the great pizza-makers first came from the Tramonti area. Wherever you decide to stop know its not a sure thing you will find pizza at lunchtime - in many places in Italy its an evening rather than lunchtime meal. If you head for Pizza a Metro (by the meter) it might make sense to email ahead.,