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Ricos Tacos Moya 2 Fairfax

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It's been awhile since I've been here. I had a bowl do menudo and 3 tacos - asada, lengua, and al pastor. The lengua was tender and particularly well seasoned. It was as good of a tongue taco as I recall ever having - better than Taco Bamba or Oyamel. The asada was unfortunately fairly dry, the al pastor rather greasy (but very tasty). My menudo had two chunks of tendon/skin laden feet, which I enjoyed gnawing on. The menudo was more soup with some tripe than a stew, but the flavor was good.

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  1. Thanks for the review. There's a Ricos Tacos Moya 3 near me off Route 1 I've been meaning to try. I've been looking for a more sit-down style place than La Mexicana Bakery, although their menudo and birria are quite tasty.


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      Please do and let me know whether La Mexicana is much better. When I visited La Mexicana some time ago, I had really dry tacos that day and I haven't gone back because it's a pretty long drive for me to get there.

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        Will do. At La Mexicana, I tend to get either the tortas, because their bread is so good, or the sopes. When I want tacos, I go to Tacos El Costalilla so I can top them myself at their topping bar. Not a big cilantro fan.