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May 11, 2014 10:50 AM

Seamless Recommendations FiDi/Wall Street?

I'm eating at the office (at Water and Broad) a lot these days and wondering if there are any great or even just good restaurants on Seamless I'm missing. I regularly order from Alfanoose, Mooncake; less regularly from Dirty Bird; but would like to mix it up a bit (a lot) more. thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. Pisillo: Huge Italian sandwiches
    Nicky's: Banh mi
    A La Saigon: passable Vietnamese for American palates
    Bunrasa: surprisingly good Thai curries
    BentOn Cafe: bibimbap and bento lunches
    Ruben's: Empanadas
    Toloache Taqueria
    Saffron Fresh: probably the best Indian in the area

    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: famdoc

      famdoc, I'm not familiar with Saffron Fresh.


      Not many Indian choices in the Financial District.

      1. re: Ttrockwood

        Thanks for all the recommendations, but a lot (most) of these aren't on Seamless--I'm hoping people who use the service and have had good experiences will share.

        1. re: ReneeParadis

          You don't mention a price range?

          Il Brigante (Brigante on Seamless) for Italian. I always order the same 2 dishes. When I try something new I'll report back.

          I like Alfanoose. Seamless or take out. What about GRK? I think they are on Seamless.

          I usually post my lunch experiences on the thread Ttrockwood posted.

          1. re: ReneeParadis

            I ordered from China Blue off Grubhub and the food traveled well but it takes a while to get the food. Are you limited to Seamless?

        2. I've done seamless for Nicky's and Luke's. I noticed that Sushi a la kawa is on there and I get take out from them a lot. I've noticed a seamless sign at diwan e khaas and at arroya dee which are decent indian/thai. Is shorty's on seamless?

          1. Ramen Co.
            Pita Press
            Les Halles
            Sabor de Mexico

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            1. re: darren425

              darren425, just curious how your experience with Les Halles was? I would guess frites don't travel well?

              Also, Bennie's. I've eaten in there a few times. Usually I just walk to Chinatown for Thai, etc. Does their Pad Thai travel well or get too mushy?

              Mad Dog. Not sure if they are on Seamless or GrubHub (I only use Seamless). Not all their food travels well but it's one of the few restaurants I like on Stone Street. Really like their chipotle mayo which I now duplicate at home.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                Les Halles - the frites were fine though our office is only a block away.

                Bennie's - the texture of the pad thai is fine, not mushy at all, though I usually don't order it. I prefer the pad thai at Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen on John St. which I don't think is on Seamless. At Bennie's I usually get the gai yang, curry puffs, spring rolls, and a few other non-noodle items.