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May 11, 2014 09:40 AM

What is the best place near O'Hare airport for breakfast?

Coming to Chicago mid-week and would like to eat breakfast near the airport before heading to Iowa.

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  1. How "near" do you mean? What form of transport will you be taking? Will you already be in Chicago (if so, where?) or do you have a layover and looking to escape the airport? What types of breakfast do you prefer?

    1. We'll have a car, will be headed to Iowa city, and we like all kinds of breakfasts from just plain old bacon and eggs to the more fancy end of things.

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        It is really hard to provide recommendations without you offering more information. Chicago is massive so we have no idea if you are staying in the city (and if so what neighborhood) or suburbs (and if so which one). If you are looking for something very close to the airport, I do not think you will find anything better than Rick Bayless' Tortas Frontera inside the airport. That is always such a fun, delicious way for me to start a vacation when I am traveling out of O'Hare.

        If however you are coming from the city and do not mind stopping on the way (even if it is not technically close to the airport) there are even better options. Jam in the Logan Square neighborhood is my favorite place for breakfast in Chicago; typical breakfast fare but with an upscale twist and high quality ingredients cooked by a chef with fine dining background - yet a relaxed, casual ambiance and very reasonable prices (just a couple bucks more than your typical run-of-the-mill breakfast joint).

        If you are coming from the suburbs (or parts of the city itself not near to Jam) then other venues may be your best option.

      2. For tasty fare that can't be beat for convenience, consider Tortas Frontera, which has locations in Terminals 1, 3, and 5 of O'Hare.

        1. We are staying overnight at the Best Western near O'Hare. The next morning we are driving out towards Iowa City, so whatever is between O'Hare and Iowa City would be great to know about. We do not want to go back into the airport to eat breakfast if possible.

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            OK, that means Toartas Frontera would not be a possibility as it is past the secure area of the airport. Jam would tack on about 1/2 to your trip (considerably more if you are heading there during rush hour) so may not be a good option either. Hopefully someone more familiar with the suburbs can offer you some advice, as I have no familiarity with restaurants along your route.

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              I would head south on 294 and get off at 79th St. and go a couple of miles to Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe in Burbank. Another possibility is to take the Roosevelt Rd exit off 294 to Le Petite Cafe in Westchester.

              1. re: Polski

                Your most direct route is I-294 south to I-88 west. Burbank is WAY out of your way (and the Chuck's location in Darien is also out of your way but slightly less so). I haven't been to Le Petite Café, but if you do go there, you should be aware that there is no Roosevelt Road exit from I-294 southbound; you would take the Cermak Road exit instead.